Description: The Sandlofer Family has been entertaining and educating Americans for decades. Michael operated a non-profit museum and circus, worked in animal conservation and served our country in time of war. Sharon is a second-generation circus performer and top-notch animal trainer with vast experience in performance at fairs and events. Daughter Benna carries on the family tradition as an award winning trick rider, performer and animal trainer. Together, the family is dedicated to bringing you wildly entertaining shows with a sound family message. The themes of conservation, history and learning the skills and abilities that built our country are highlighted in each performance.

Address: 2630 Trinity Road Lynchburg, SC 29080

Phone Number(s): 518-755-6984


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  • Animal Display / Demonstrations
  • Educational Seminars
  • Gift Shop
  • Grist Mill
  • Wild West Show
  • Wolves of the World Show
  • Dog and Pony Show & Saloon