Animal Agriculture

Nothing's Healthier . . . Animal agriculture is a diverse and vitally important component of South Carolina agriculture. From chickens to cows and horses to aquaculture, this industry is huge to our state’s overall agricultural economy. Broilers consistently rank as the number one product in terms of cash receipts in our state. Turkey production ranks second and cattle and calves ranks sixth in cash receipts with hogs appearing in the top ten many years. Livestock products such as eggs and milk also bring in millions of dollars in cash receipts to our state. In addition, aquaculture provides a bounty of fish and shellfish products. Other livestock include rabbits, ratites (emu, ostrich, and rhea), llamas, sheep, goats, and even bees (which are necessary to pollinate crops). Total livestock receipts are in excess of a billion dollars in some years in South Carolina. 

SC Livestock by Commodity
Apiculture (Bees)
Cattle & Calves (Beef/Dairy)
Equine (Horses, Mules, Donkeys)
Ovine (Sheep)
Specialty Livestock (Llamas & Ratites-Emu, Ostrich, Rhea)
Swine (Hogs & Pigs)

Animal Health 
(Clemson Livestock and Poultry Health)

Livestock Emergency Information

SC Livestock Auctions

SC Aquaculture Association

SC Beekeepers Association *
SC Cattlemen's Association and Beef Board *
SC Dairy Association
SC Horsemen's Council *
SC Meat Goat Association
SC Poultry Federation
SC Seafood Alliance
SC Sheep Industries Association*

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