Agriculture Commission of SC

The Agriculture Commission of South Carolina was created in 1978 primarily to oversee the administration of the South Carolina Agricultural Commodities Marketing Act. The Agriculture Commission is responsible for issuance, amendment, or termination of marketing agreements or orders to produce the intended effects of the Act. The Agriculture Commission maintains the required records, issues notices, conducts hearings, and ensures that all growers have the opportunity to participate in referendums.

The Chairman of the Agriculture Commission is appointed by and serves coterminous with the Governor. One member is appointed by the legislative delegation from each judicial circuit. Representation on the Agriculture Commission is rotated among the counties of the circuit except by unanimous consent of all members of the legislative delegation representing the circuit. The Chairman of the House and of the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environmental Affairs Committees and the Commissioner of Agriculture all serve as Ex Officio members.

Agriculture Commission of South Carolina Members

Connie Garvey

Administrative Assistant