South Carolina Peanut Board

The South Carolina Peanut Board is a farmer-led organization whose main  purpose is to increase consumer awareness and consumption of peanuts while creating a positive economic impact for producers.
The South Carolina Peanut Board consists of seven peanut producers with four advisors who are researchers or work with the peanut industry. The peanut producers' board votes on several different promotional projects each year and is involved in the peanut-checkoff which takes place each year. The checkoff consists of funds generated when farmers pay an assessment for each ton of peanuts sold and that money is used for promotional and research programs.
The South Carolina Peanut Board has several services that are offered. The Board has educational packages (teacher kits) and educational videos for teachers. Also, posters and small packages of peanuts are available. Several different types of recipes are available along with other consumer information.

Marianne Copelan
SC Peanut Board