Renewable Fuels

Nothing's Cleaner . . . In recent years, another cluster has been added to the list of agricultural categories - alternative fuels made from raw agricultural products. With soaring gasoline prices and the use of renewable fuels like biodiesel and E85, we can save a little on the price of the trip, help the environment, and support agriculture, too.
    South Carolina has embraced clean burning renewable transportation fuels by developing strong programs and policies to encourage consumer use and in-state production of biodiesel and ethanol. General Motors responded positively to this commitment and has made special efforts to promote its "Live Green Go Yellow" campaign in the state by providing a Flex-Fuel Chevy Tahoe to Commissioner Hugh Weathers who uses the  vehicle as an educational tool at agricultural events. The SCDA also uses alternative fuels in flexible fuel vehicles, whenever  possible. Consumers who think there is an inaccuracy at a gas pump should call SCDA at 803-737-9690. 

To report a problem at a gas pump or call 803-737-9690.

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