Fruits and Vegetables

Nothing's Fresher . . . South Carolina ranks near the top nationally in several categories of fruit and vegetable production. In a normal production year, South Carolina peaches rank second in the nation for the fresh market. South Carolina also ranks at or near the top nationally in fresh market production of leafy greens such as collards, kale, turnips, and mustard. In addition, items such as tomatoes and watermelon consistently rank in the top ten each year in overall production. The diversity of fruit and vegetable crops in our state continues to grow and the overall industry impact is in excess of 150 million dollars each year and that number continues to grow.  

For more information about South Carolina's fruit and vegetable industry, call 

SC Produce Availability Calendar

SC Fruit, Vegetable, and Specialty Crops Association
SC Peach Council
SC Watermelon Board and Association *

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