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BLUEGILL BREAM SHELLCRACKER, pond stocking, 30¢-$3ea; Crappie, 50¢-$3ea; Bass, $1.50- $3ea; catfish, 50¢-$2. Cannon Taylor; Newberry; 803-276-0853

BREAM, 30¢; Bass $1.50; Catfish, 50¢; minnows, $25/lb; grass carp, 8in+, $13. Derek Long; Newberry; 803-944-3058

STERILE GRASS CARP, 12-14in, $12ea. Michael Price; Lexington; 803-356-3403

KOI, long & short fin, 4in & up, $1ea & up. Tommy Sherman; Laurens; 864-546-2778


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30 ANG BRED HEIFERS, AIed Jan 20, cleaned up w/Ang bull; confirmed bred, $1650ea; 9 Ang cross bred back, 2nd calf, $1700. Adam Keith; York; 803-627-0585

ABBA REG BRAHMAN BULL, 14m/o, $1200; Charolais x Brahman heifer, 8m/o, $800 Benny Weaver; York; 803-487-9593

ANG HEIFER BULL, 3½y/o, easy settler calf every time, $2800. Bill Harris; Chester; 865-567-1252

PB ANG BULLS, GAR b/l, Sunrise, Prophet, McProgress, 9-13m/o, $1650up. Bill Mason; Cherokee; 864-490-1430

HEREFORD BULLS, PB, 6m/o, polled, red/wht face, $600; part Hereford, part Brahma bull, 6m/o, cream /wht face, $700. Billy Gallman; Newberry; 803-276-7171

10 REG BLK ANG BULLS, By Yon Legend, Clemson Sires, 22m/o, low BW, $2000up. Bobby Baker; Lancaster; 803-285-7732

DEXTER HERD REDUCTION, bred cows, heifers, yng bulls, reg & reg eligible, grass fed, no antibiotics, $500-900. Brenda Gallman; Newberry; 803-924-2042

REPLACEMENT HEIFERS, 15m/o, Gelb cross, ready for service, $1250up. C Hallman; Lexington; 803-730-4673

ANGUS HEIFERS, 4-6m/o, weaned, wormed, on grass, $350up. Casey McCarty; Newberry; 803-924-5239

REG BLK ANG BULL, 33m/o, gentle, proven, $2000. Charles King; Georgetown; 843-546-5758

PB HEREFORD BULL CALVES, 4m/o, Grizzly b'line, exc dispo & color, $450ea, Cindy Leitzsey; Newberry; 803-924-3635

15-20 ANG/DAIRY CATTLE INFLUENCE CROSS, guarantee breed, 1200-1500lbs, $1500up. Clark Rushton; Saluda; 803-480-0146

3 ANG X BRAHMAN HEIFERS, bred to calving ease; Ang bull, $1675ea. Craig Milford; Abbeville; 864-378-5554

ULTRA BLK & BLK BRANGUS BULLS, 16m/o, $1250up. Daniel Chassereau; Bamberg; 803-267-4880

REG BLK & RED ANG CATTLE, $1500up. Danny Winchester; Pickens; 864-637-8592

REG BLK ANG BULLS, 16m/o, 21m/o & 26m/o, low BW, ex ft, BSE, free del in SC, $2500up. Dixon Shealy; Newberry; 803-629-1174

BRAHMA BULL, wht, 3y/o, gentle, currently a herd sire, selling out. $1500. Gene Belk; Fairfield; 803-718-0063

BULLS & HEIFERS, reg American Blk Hereford yrlngs, ce & good epds, shots, wormed $1500up. George Crout; Lexington; 803-629-2208

RED DEXTER BULL, 2y/o, ADCA reg polled, $1000. Grace Sprecher; Dorchester; 843-696-5856

3 REG CHAROLAIS BULLS, 8-9 m/o, all AI sired, gentle, on feed, good EPD's, $1400. Henry Mitchell; York; 803-627-6142

REG BLK ANG BULLS, 11m/o-13m/o, Final Product b'line, $1300ea. Jack Whitaker; York; 803-925-2129

LIMO CATTLE, reg, polled, heifers, $1000up; bulls, $1200up, can del/fee. James Langston; Pickens; 864-859-6794

REG BLK ANG BULLS, quality EPDs, 18m/o, $2500. Jason Wilkie; Lexington; 803-600-2438

4 REG BLK ANG BULLS, 1 reg simang, 3 blk baldy, 19m/o, $1500, good EPD, growth, easy calving, fertility tested. Jeff Hawkins; Anderson; 864-934-4957

2Y/O BRAHMAN BULL, hands on, gentle, V8 b'line, $2000. Jim Brannan; Greenville; 864-505-6094

6Y/O BISON COW, w/bull calf by side, $2500 for both; 6y/o Bison bull, proven breeder, gentle, $2200. Jimmy Wells; Anderson; 864-437-9608

OPEN BLK BALDIE HEIFERS, exc b'line & dispos, $1000ea. John Gossett; Spartanburg; 803-222-7786

2 PB BFMSTR BULLS, 3y/o, $1650; 3 yrlng PB bfmstr bulls, $1200; 3 PB bfmstr heifers, $1100. John Steele; Lancaster; 803-283-7720

REPLACEMENT HEIFERS, top quality, vaccinated & dewormed, 7m/o, blk Baldy, $800up. Ken Shuler; Orangeburg; 843-708-2201

REG & COM BLK ANG HEIFERS, 7-8 m/o, weaned, vac, dewormed, good temperament & genetics, $1000up. Kevin Renwick; Abbeville; 803-924-0535

REG BLK ANG BULLS, AI sired, 8-9m/o, weaned, vac, dewormed, calving ease, docile, $1400. Lee Clinton; York; 704-913-6127

2 YRLNG SG BULLS, PB, poll red, $1200ea firm. Leon Shealy; Lexington; 803-622-1314

REG CHAR BULLS, polled, low BW, exc EPDs, good performance, docile, $1500-2500. M Clemons; Georgetown; 843-527-4336

BELTED GALLOWAYS, 7 bred cows, 7 yearlings, 3- 3y/o, 1- 2y/o, not registered, $30,000. Marcus Hochstetler; Aiken; 803-507-3118

3 REG BRAHMAN BULLS, gentle, gray, 5-7m/o, $800up. Nathan Lovelace; York; 803-242-3825

1 ULTRABLACK, Bon View New Design 878, 2y/o, $2200; 8m/o bull, $1500up. Paul Kicidis; Union; 864-429-6112

REG ANG BULLS, 15-26 m/o, caving ease, vac.exc dispo, AI sired by Double Vision. Final Answer & Upward. $2000up. Rick Outen; Chesterfield; 843-337-1355

REG BA BULL FROM CONSENSUS 7229 & OCC GLORY 950G, 3½y/o, $2500; 9 hd Ang-Hereford crosses, $700up. Robert Shealy; Spartanburg; 864-590-8270

PB ANGUS BULL, from reg stock, 900lb, 16m/o, $1250; 2 Ang heifer, 650lb, 12m/o, $750ea; more. Rudy Williams; Clarendon; 803-938-2945

GELB/CHAROLAIS HEIFERS, mostly wht, 600lbs, $900. Starrett Hall; Aiken; 803-609-7856

SANTA GERTRUDIS, yng bulls & heifers, cows, $1000up; Herd bull, $2200. Steve Hartsell; Anderson; 864-287-2938

REG ANG BULLS, 1-2yr, top AL b'lines, Yon, bruiser, pay weight, Hoover dam, tour duty, BSE, $1500up. Steve Sease; Anderson; 864-304-6313

4 BLK ANG & GELB CROSSED HEIFERS, 18m/o, bred to reg Sim-Ang, $1500ea. Terry Gibert; Greenwood; 864-993-4212

PB BLK GELBVIEH BULLS, 9m/o - 3yrs, $1500-3000; 13m/o SG Bull, $1500. Tommie Bratton; York; 803-925-2272

REG ANG BULL, 3.5y/o. son of KG Solution, very docile, good calves, $2000; 7m/o Ang replacement heifer, $650. Tony Smith; Anderson; 864-353-1819

REG BLK ANG HEIFERS, $2500up. Walter Shealy; Newberry; 803-924-1000


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STOCK TRL, GN, 16ft, dbl back gates, wood floor, bars over top, good tires, $2000. Alex Stone; Greenville; 864-836-0690

4H 4 STAR LQ, $18k, 16ft; GN stock 7ft, $3500; Keifer 3H alum GN 7ft6in, DR AC, $7500; Keifer 4H alum GN 7ft DR, AC, $11k. A Langston; Oconee; 864-324-1913

JD 335 RND BALER, shed kept, new chains & teeth, belts good, 4x4 bale, good for small to med tractor, EC, $5600. B Brown; Greenville; 864-380-6460

SKID LDR ATTACHMENTS, buckets, grapple fork, auger drive & bits, tree puller, boom, $500-1800. B Zsigmond; Spartanburg; 864-680-8747

KUBOTA B-7100 HST TRACTOR, 4wd, dsl, GC, turf tires, $5000. Bascomb Love; Cherokee; 864-812-2821

'89 FORD F-250, 7.3 dsl, FWD, CM flatbed, solid work truck, $6500. Bill Martin; Anderson; 864-314-3570

JD 5020 TRACTOR, for parts, engine no good, more, $2200; '50 JD MT tractor, converted to 12v, runs good, more, $2100. Billy Gallman; Newberry; 803-276-7171

FA SUPER A, 3ph, some equipment, $2000; 16 blade disk, $600. Billy Thompson; Darlington; 843-393-5048

NH LB75 B BACKHOE, 4x4, cab/air, bucket, forks, stacking rake, 12,24,36in buckets thumb, $32,000. Brian Rikard; Oconee; 706-491-1111

V PASTURE PLEASER, 7ft Tye no-till drill, model 114-5504, Legume & grain boxes. $4850 obo. Bridgett Barber; Abbeville; 864-391-6224

L2501 KUBOTA TRACTOR, 13hrs, $12,000; 5ft finishing mower, $1700 obro. Carol Mixon; Allendale; 803-943-8870

INT COMBINE 1440, GC, $11,000. Charles Nichols; Saluda; 864-445-8350

3PH & CULTIVATOR, for '50 Farmall tractor, $350ea, in GC. Cliff Bontrager; Barnwell; 803-300-0198

UTILITY TRL, 6x12ft, 18in new 15in tires, alum toolbox, load ramp, 8 tiedowns, $1350. Cornelius Clark; Berkeley; 843-761-2343

JD 6500, 60ft booms, wide front, $28,000; JD 9965, $45,00;. Case IH 5000 cart w/5400 drill, $15,000. Danny McAlhaney; Bamberg; 803-793-7095

AC 5FT rotary mower. GC. $600 obo. David Day; Pickens; 864-608-0470

IRRIG SYSTEM, 600ft of 6in & 1200ft of 4in alum pipe, some 30ft sections, 6in Deming Pump, no motor, w/big gun, $3400. David King; Oconee; 864-647-6188

2R FERTILIZER SPREADER, 3ph, $400; 2r tree planter, 3ph, $400; 6ft disk, 3ph, $500. David Wannamaker; Calhoun; 803-682-2117

JD COMBINE 6620, 4wd, 16ft grain header, GC; JD combine 6620 for parts only. $7500. Donald Gardner; Lee; 843-680-1478

JD COMBINE 7700, 4x4, hyd trans, cold ac, w/straw chopper, 3 grain heads & 2 corn heads, $10,500. Donnie Larimore; Marion; 843-430-0178

68 MF 135, 3cyl Perkins dsl, ps, 2800hrs, EC, $4200. Doug Cornett; Spartanburg; 864-590-8435

'60 JD730, dsl, ES, 3ph, P Str, fenders, engine RB, classic, good for pulls, $15,500obo. Douglass Britt; McCormick; 864-391-3334

JD 210 DISC HARROW, 13ft, $2500obo. Eddie Munnerlyn; Georgetown; 843-933-1079

'52 FA SC, GC, new rear tires, $2300. Eddie Pack; Spartanburg; 864-316-9912

'06 EXISS, 3H sl fac, living qtr, elec, gas heat, ac, full bath, elec, jack, awning, $22,500. Edward Bell; Williamsburg; 843-933-0589

AIR BLAST SPRAYER, orchard or vegetables, Durand Wayland 300gal, twin 24in fans, $2000 obo. Edward Berger; Dorchester; 843-832-9233

830 CATERPILLAR BULLDOZER, 325hp, w/big tires & pan, $10,000 obo; 4inx12ft auger, LN, $250. Elihu Wigington; Anderson; 864-859-2692

LOWBOY TRL, 25 ton, tandom axle, dovetail, ramps, $3950; 10ft Bushhog, pull behind, GC, $3200. F Rowe; Newberry; 803-940-3317

HAY RAKE, V configuration, 12 whls w/center kicker, EC, $3000 obro. Frank Wooten; Aiken; 803-564-5565

'07 INT REFER TRUCK, 6sp, 245,000 miles $21,500; trl for hvy equip, $2800. Franklin Brown; Charleston; 843-559-2761

6FT ROTARY CUTTER, $395; G Williams; Aiken; 803-663-3715

HARDEE SPRAYER, 3ph, $400; 3ph Pittsburg cult, $400; 2r Burch planter, $300; 2r MF planter w/fert, $750. George Charpia; Dorchester; 843-873-0784

JD 5303 TRACTOR, 164hrs, 3ph harrow, 5ft box scrape, 6ft bush hog, ripper, scrape blade, $19,500. George Harris; Greenwood; 864-229-5308 OBO

BUSH HOG, land pride rcr 1860, 60in, light use, $850. George Hines; Richland; 803-237-3838

5 BALE HAY TRL, used, self dumping, $900. George Raborn; Aiken; 803-648-8866

T-37 HAY BALER, $350. needs repair to bale chamber, best for parts. George Roberts; Lee; 803-229-2679

BALE CARRIER, 3ph, cat 2/3 hitch, 2 spikes, $400; Taylorway 7 shank chisel plow w/guage wheels, $500. Harry McMillan; Spartanburg; 864-327-7369

674 INT TRACTOR, w/frt it ldr, GC, $8500; 7x16 trl, dual axle, all metal w/dovetail, $1850. Jack Hurst; Chesterfield; 843-921-8574

4 BOTTOM PLOW, $400; Ponderosa 16ft neckover horse & cattle trailer, $2500; rollover dirt plow & mover, $500. James Coster; Greenwood; 864-227-2590

JD 50, metal good, starter gone, $800. James Horne; Greenville; 864-243-3682

MF 9 SHANK CHISEL PLOW, GC, $1000. James Stokes; Lee; 803-229-2277

3PT 400GAL SPRAYER, 60ft boom, hyd pump, $6000; JD 643 corn head, 6r 30in, poly snouts, fits CIH combine, $5500. Jason Carter; Richland; 803-429-3481

INTL 153, 4r cultivator, 3ph on 36in rows, GC, shed kept, $500. Jason Nichols; Saluda; 864-992-2753

FARM KING SEED CLEANER, new, '16 model 480, loading auger, smalls pan, $8500; IH 720 5 bottom plow, cutters, $1200. J Hawkins; Anderson; 864-934-4957

INTL BACKHOE 3600A, dsl, runs good, digs, loads, has leaks, $7500. Jeffrey Hallman; Orangeburg; 803-707-3268

'99 BETTER BUILT LOW BOY, $28K obo, 49ft w/outriggers, 8ft hyd ramps; '65 Hardee flat bed trl, $4k. Jimmy Brown; Colleton; 843-834-0054

'52 FORD 8N, GC, $3000; 20ft Stoll GN trl, 24 ton w/4ft dove tail, $6500. Jimmy Wilson; Anderson; 864-338-5506

FORDSON DEXTA TRACTOR, 3cyl dsl, $2000. Joe Hudson; Laurens; 864-270-0592

NH 630 RND BALER, working condition, 4x4, string tie, new MRT belts, $4200. Joe Wilkie; Laurens; 864-923-1181

NH TV145, w/Browns brush shredder, 4500hrs, forestry tires, HD skid plates, $55,000obo. John Chappell; Allendale; 864-415-7358

DRAGO 8R NARROW CORN HEAD, w/trl, $29,000; GP 30ft turbo-till, $25,000. John Durai; Kershaw; 803-418-9230

323 NI 1R CORN PICKER, GC, field ready, last picked Oct 16, $2200. John White; Dorchester; 843-830-8284

JD 9960 COTTON PICKER, 4wd, $6000; JD 9600 combine w/920f head, $19,000; 766 Int tractor, $6000. Keith Allen; Dillon; 843-845-2298

INT HARVESTER 806, good rear tires, field ready, $6500. Ken Griffith; Orangeburg; 803-860-1744

JD 10WHL HAY RAKE, GC, $2400. Laney Truesdale; Kershaw; 803-424-7526

TRL, custom built, 66in x 16ft, 2 axle w/dual brakes, full 4ft tailgate, 2in hitch, all new, $2400. Lewis Smith; Anderson; 864-617-7771

'53 FA SUPER A TRACTOR, w/orig cults, 6V alt, PTO lift, tires, metal EC, $3500; 16 blade disc harrow, EC, $550. Lonnie Griffin; Lexington; 803-960-9290

MF 1030 2WD TRACTOR, incl grass mower & bush hog, shed kept, $4000. Marsha Storey; Saluda; 803-480-0090

2 CHAMBER FUEL TANK, gas & dsl, hand pump, on trl, 150gal, $500; 100gal fiberglass spray tank on 3ph frame, $50. Mary Anderson; Spartanburg; 803-446-3326

225 CAT TRACKHOE, good machine, runs good, weight 23 tons, $20,000 obo. Michael Bishop; Greenville; 864-561-2457

JD 348 SQ BALER, GC, field ready, $6800. Norman Nettles; Barnwell; 803-571-0092

4FT BUSH HOG, $400; 3ph fert spreader, $300; subsoiler, $200; 4ft aerator, $300. Otis Hembree; Spartanburg; 864-316-1222

LAYBY RIG SPRAYER, Shepherd Brand, 6 row, set up for JD Hi-boy, $1500. Otto Williamson; Williamsburg; 843-372-2692

4 STAR HORSE SL ALUM TRL, GC, w/tack & hay room, $9500. Paul Kicidis; Union; 864-429-6112

NH 650 RND BALER, auto wrap, wide pickup, 4x6, $6500. R Hurley; Laurens; 864-981-5352

'98 FEATHERLIGHT 3H TRL, SL, GN, wired for 30 amp campground service, $9700. Randall Davis; Kershaw; 803-475-4181

IH 5500 CHISEL PLOW, 9sh, $1750; JD 600 V-plow subsoiler, 7sh, $1250, both 3ph; IH 416 cotton picker, $1600. Randell Wilson; Abbeville; 864-378-4924

'98 KUBOTA B1700 TRACTOR, 17hp Hydro Drive, 4wd, used 78 hrs, 42in Bush Hog, 60in scrape blade & aerator, more, $10,500. Ray Martin; Oconee; 864-882-4848

2R AC PLANTER, 3ph, LN, 8 new sprockets extra, 7, 8, 10 & 14 tooth sprockets, $1800. Richard Young; Greenville; 864-380-6250

J D 4020, 1000 hrs on motor, $8500; JD 4640, 6575 hrs, w/18ft folding harrow, ext axles, $24,000, both 1owner. Richie Ellis; Allendale; 803-259-0548

LELY 5FT DISK MOWER, GC, $2500; JD 24T sq baler, $1200. Rickie Evans; Chester; 803-209-2714

'60 INTERNATIONAL TD20 DOZER, cable blade, under carriage in GC, transmission needs work, $4000 cash. Robert Bowers; Lancaster; 803-273-6047

JD 9510 CB, 4wd, VGC, field ready, $23,000; JD 4755 tractor, VGC all, new AC & interior, good tires, $23,500. Robert McLeod; Chesterfield; 803-730-2352

5FT AERATOR, spiked, pull type, shed kept, GC, $175. Robert Withers; Charleston; 843-768-0743

WOODS 59 FINISH MOWER, for Cub FA, LN; JD 10ft cult, $1200ea obo. Robert Yonce; Aiken; 803-685-7240

LNDSCP BEDW/HD BOARD, hydro tailgate, $2000. Ronnie Murphy; Fairfield; 803-337-3697

2020 JD, w/ loader, 2 & 4r set of cultivators, tractor, tires & hydraulics in GC, $10,500. Ronny Wilson; Anderson; 864-356-6959

HOLLAND TRANSPLANTER, 2R $500. Roy Estridge; Anderson; 864-296-0431

'75 JD TRACTOR 2630, w/harrows, good running, $6500 orbo. Rusty Moore; Greenville; 864-915-3927

NH 260 & 256 RAKES, w/V-rake dolly, $2800; NH 55 rake, $800; 3ph 5ft finish mower, new belt & blades, $800. Ryan Lindler; Lexington; 803-603-2484

BULLDOG BRAND CADDY, for disc mowers, $2800. Stanley Rawl; Lexington; 803-206-5713

JD 4400 COMBINE, grain header, GC, $9500. Starrett Hall; Aiken; 803-609-7856

KUBOTA L5030, 4x4 w/LA853 ldr, 6ft bucket, 50hp, HS trans, 2K hrs, cab w/ac & heat, $23,000. Terry Gibert; Greenwood; 864-993-4212

BUSH HOG 286, 6ft rotary cutter, 110hp gearbox, slip clutch, 3ph, shed kept, EC, $1500. Todd Benton; Dorchester; 843-832-3065

COVINGTON T-46 1R PLANTER, field ready, new fert hopper & seed can. w/several plates. $850. Todd Waites; Newberry; 803-924-4619

JD 74 SIDE DELIVERY RAKE, 10ft W, $2500; Kuhn 1 basket Giro rake, $3500, both shed kept. Tommie Bratton; York; 803-925-2272

JD 9965 4R COTTON PICKER, 4wd slider kit, GC, $18,000; JD 9960 4R cotton picker, low hrs, GC, $10,000. Trevor Padgett; Lexington; 803-422-4304

NH 617 DISK MOWER, needs work, $2500; '12 NH 5060 sq baler, LN, $17,000obo; NH 256 hay rake, $1200. W Williams; Orangeburg; 803-536-3067

GRAIN TRL, $600, needs minor work. Wade Hill; Georgetown; 843-240-2174

100GAL SPRAYER, 3pt, 20ft boom hyd pump, $900obo. Wayne Krause; Greenville; 864-663-9443

5 BOTTOM PLOW, w/new slides, $900 obo; 6 bottom plow, $1000 obo. William Gunnells; Anderson; 864-353-3082

SQ BALE HAY SYSTEM, 730 JD, 365 NH baler, trailing hay wagon, will not separate, EC, $11,500. William McClellan; Anderson; 864-847-7900

'59 AC COMBINE, all crop model 66, bin loading w/conveyor, PTO driven, needs restoration, $850. William Nash; Greenville; 864-862-5684

JD 410 ROUND BALER. GC, new belts & hydraulic lines, for 100 bale crop, $2500. Zack Lester; York; 704-472-1829


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SAW MILLING, logs to lumber, w/portable sawmill, your place or mine. Art Limehouse; Pickens; 864-646-6316

FARM EQUIPMENT WELDING REPAIR, harrows, bush hogs, etc, prefer it brought to me, call for more info. Bill Timmerman; Aiken; 803-640-6265

TRACTOR RESTORATION, paint, pressure wash, mechanic & radiator work on any tractor or hvy equip; welding, more. Billy Gallman; Newberry; 803-276-7171

CATTLE SERVICES, we catch, pen, freeze brand & haul, find & catch wild cattle, mobile catch pens, more. Brian Gibert; Greenwood; 864-980-6408

FENCES, built to your specifications, free est. Bruce Thomas; Dorchester; 843-563-4373

POLE BARNS, custom barns, working pens, all types of fences, grading work, hauling stone. Chad Malone; York; 803-230-3827

BUSH HOG WORK, Upstate SC, specialize in pastures + hunting property. Charlie Gray; Greenville; 864-404-0154

WANT SOMEONE, to mow & bale hay on per bale price, 30+A Coastal Bahia Fescue mix in Lugoff. Danny Deason; Kershaw; 704-282-7553

TRACTOR SERVICE/REPAIR, tires, engine rebuilds, clutches, cab interior kits, complete restorations & painting. David Moss; Spartanburg; 864-680-4004

LIME SPREADING, specialize in bulk Tenn lime, call for est. Drake Kinley; Anderson; 864-353-9628

CUSTOM SPREAD, lime & fert, Tenn Valley lime, call for prices. Gene Roe; Greenville; 864-630-1768

TRACTOR REPAIR, restoration, all types, 50yr exp. George Bush; Lexington; 803-640-1949

ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION, beef & dairy herds, synchronization protocols, breeding, semen, supplies, will travel. Henry Mitchell; York; 803-627-6142

TRACTOR SERVICE, old & new tractor, we come to you. Jack Shelton, Richland, 803-736-9820

DOZER & TRACKHOE WORK, build & repair ponds, demolition, tree removal, grade & clear land, repair rds, free est. James Hughes; Greenwood; 864-227-8257

AGRICULTURE FENCING, grading install, repair fencing, clearing, demolition, excavation, bush hogging. free estimates. James Lang; Laurens; 864-444-3038

STUMP GRINDING, tractor work, light tree work, surrounding Aiken counties. Jamey Bledsoe; Aiken; 803-645-4298

BEEF COW ARTIFICIAL BREEDING, synchronized artificial breeding, semen sales, also will help w/working cows. Jason Nichols; Saluda; 864-992-2753

CUSTOM HERBICIDE, & liquid fertilizer applications, for hayfield & pastures, provide planting & over-seeding. Jesse Sheehan; Kershaw; 803-309-9433

LIGHT TRACTOR WORK, bush hogging, discing, cut up & remove downed trees. John Tanner; Lexington; 803-422-4714

CUSTOM PLANT, Bermuda Grass on any size track, state wide, w/row planter T44, T85 Coastal. Johnnie Burkett; Aiken; 803-924-5736

HORSE BOARDING, Wagener. lrg pastures w/miles of trails & lrg arena, trainer on site for lessons & training. Kelsey Willis; Aiken; 803-206-5661

PASTURE MGMT SERVICES, spray weeds, treat fire ants in livestock pastures, licensed, spread fert & lime. Kenny Mullis; Richland; 803-331-6612

NEED SOMEONE, to rnd bale 14A CB field in Eastover after we cut & row; need mechanic to work on Case 8430 nd baler. Lari Hoback; Richland; 803-730-2149

LEXCO TACK CLEANING, leather, bridles, saddles, harnesses, your place or mine, qty disc. Laurie Knapp; Lexington; 803-317-7613

WELDING, hardsurfacing, weld repair & fabrications of ag. equiptment & hvy equipment, hardsurfacing on buckets. Maxx Heisig; Fairfield; 864-420-8820

POULTRY LITTER, tractor trlr load quantities, $500 for litter; also $900, a load for shavings. Michael Wise; Newberry; 803-271-4215

PLOWING/BUSH HOG SERVICES, Abbeville & surrounding counties, gardens, hunt club lands & pastures. Reid Bailey; Abbeville; 864-378-6193

STATEWIDE FENCER, specializing in New Zealand Hi-Tensil elec, hog wire, barb, hydraulic post driver, 25 yrs exp. Richard Crow; Abbeville; 864-554-1107


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142A, Laurens Co, pine, hdwd, stream, food plots, public water, $2500/A, Cross Hill, 1hr of Greenville. Andy Parnell; Greenville; 864-360-1370

WANT TO LEASE LAND, in the upstate of SC, for archery hunting, will manage & protect land. Cary Cox; Greenville; 864-918-1691

WANT FARM LAND, to lease in Aiken, Barnwell, Allendale, Orangburg Co. Craig Kaplenski; Aiken; 803-221-1755

30+A FOR LEASE, $1, Coastal, Bahia, Fescue Mix, Lugoff/Camden. Danny Deason; Kershaw; 704-282-7553

61.33A, Lex/Oburg Co line, pine, hdwd, 40ft container, wildlife, food plots, paved frtg, $2200/A; more. Dennis Day; Lexington; 803-359-5291

27A, 2 sides border Nat'l Forest, 20A in timber, power, well, septic tank. Macedonia area, $155,000. Gale Roland; Berkeley; 843-834-2816

11A FARM, fenced, pond, stable, rnd pen, more, cover for horse trl & tractor, cty water, elec, $145,000. Ginny Kaczmarek; McCormick; 864-602-9572

41.37A, half planted pine, half open land, 3500ft road frontage 3 miles to Lake Russell, $155,000. James Bradberry; Abbeville; 864-391-6351

240 +- A, timber, stream, Hwy 389 road frontage, Sawyerdale Community, $850,000 firm. L Fogle; Orangeburg; 803-247-2098

WANT 5-10 A, near Crawford's Store, Abbeville Co, bold stream spring fed pond for irrigation, w/house preferred. Larry Hicks; Anderson; 864-940-7588

54A, Fescue & Coastal pasture, w/farm house, 5 mins of Lake Greenwood or downtown, Old Duke Rate, $384,900. Phil Lucas; Greenwood; 864-377-4337

106A, mature oak forest, w/good access, creek, rolling hills, wildlife, 7 miles SW of York, $365,000. Roger Ware; York; 803-517-8060

3 POULTRY HOUSES, 12A farm between Bowman & Reevesville, $325,000 neg. Ronnie McClure; Dorchester; 803-682-3630

21A, wooded, on Lake Russell, hunting, fishing, $109,000. Shirley Huston; Abbeville; 803-917-9665

27A, Lee Co, open, wooded, rd frtg, $69,000. Teresa Marshall; Kershaw; 803-713-8053

12+A FOR LEASE, open for planting, upper Abbeville Co, on Bell Rd, reasonable. Vance Clinkscales; Anderson; 864-225-6084


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FRESH SHELLED PECANS, '17 crop, $6.50/lb, plus shipping. A Horne; Horry; 843-756-0104

Fresh Brown eggs. $1.50/dz. Charley Livingston; Newberry; 803-924-6058

GRADE A RAW GOAT MILK, ½gal, $6; Chevre cheese, 8oz, $7. Daniel Boob; Anderson; 814-359-6594

FRESH WHT SKIN PEANUTS, $45/bu. Ken Griffith; Orangeburg; 803-860-1744

ORGANIC EGGS, seasonal produce, $2up. Michele Teachman; Anderson; 864-314-5057

DUCK EGGS, $7/dz. Roberto Garcia; Richland; 803-687-7531

PECANS, completely shelled, $8.50/lb; cracked & blown, $4.50/lb; in-shell, $3/lb, p-up in Newberry or Irmo. Russell Shealy; Newberry; 803-944-7316

PECANS, shelled, $9/lb. Wayman Coleman; Abbeville; 864-446-2885


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POMEGRANATES, turkey fig, lemon fig, muscadine grapevines, $10up. Cornelius Clark; Berkeley; 843-761-2343

LRG BLUEBERRY, 3y/o, 2 varieties & sweet thornless blackberries, $5ea; pomegranate & fig trees, 3gal, $10ea; more. F Noles; Barnwell; 803-383-4066

BLUEBERRY PLANTS, Tame thornless blackberry, purple muscadines, plum trees, all in pots, $5-10. Hazel Bridges; Greenville; 864-879-3384

PLUM & FIG TREES, 3gal, $12ea. Larry Johnson; Orangeburg; 803-664-4213


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BOER BUCKS, 3m/o, $100-250, 1½y/o registered buck, $250. Allison Moore; Newberry; 864-923-4689

BOER BILLIES, 5m/o, $150. Andy Gallman; Newberry; 803-924-5157

SHEEP, $100up. Ann Furtick; Orangeburg; 803-707-4826

REG RAM DORPER, wht, 3y/o M, $300; Katx dorper females, 7m/o, $150ea; reg Dorper females, 3y/o, $200. Barney Gause; Williamsburg; 843-356-1671

2 MALE REG KATAHDIN RAMS, wht, ear tagged, B-1/5/17. $200ea firm. Benson Ray; Georgetown; 843-558-7360

KIKO, Kiko Savanna Cross, $200up. Bobby Page; Spartanburg; 864-494-2501

FB BOAR GOATS, billies & nannies, $100up. Cecil Hooks; Marion; 843-430-4906

WHITE DORPER EWES, $175. Collin Cleer; Laurens; 864-684-3808

2 PB ALPINE BILLIES, B-3/27/17, $100ea. Daniel Boob; Anderson; 814-359-6594

REG KIKO BUCKS, 6m/o, $200up. George Phillips; Williamsburg; 843-992-1964

ADGA REG NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS, kids & adults, some polled, blue eyes, wethers & bucks. $100-350. Grace Sprecher; Dorchester; 843-696-5856

2 BRIAR BILLIES, 4m/o, $60ea. James Holliday; Anderson; 864-338-5466

BOER BILLIES, B-3/16/17, $150ea. Jason Whinghter; Aiken; 803-215-0428

MINI PYGMY GOATS, 2 wethers, 1 female, 1 breeder, 1 m dehorned baby, multi colors, $175-200ea, tame. Jim Atkinson; Pickens; 864-506-9023

ALPACAS, blk w/wht faced M, gentle, $200; solid brn F, poss bred, gentle, $325. Jimmy Wells; Anderson; 864-437-9608

SAVANNA BUCK, 8m/o, $400; younger bucks, $275ea. John Bouchillon; Barnwell; 803-300-3959

BOER BILLIES, $150-1000. Johnny Hickey; Chesterfield; 843-537-7535

1 RAM, reg St. Croix. 15m/o, intact, ready to breed, proven breeder, $250. Kevin Renwick; Abbeville; 803-924-0535

1 RAM LAMB, intact, weaned. B-2/17. blk & wht, Dorper X St. Croix. $125. Lena Renwick; Abbeville; 864-426-3151

LLAMA, M&F, w/yng F, B-6/25/17, unrelated to male, $600/trio. Lloyd Gerhart; Kershaw; 803-425-8796

ADGA REG BUCKS, 2 - 4y/o Nubians, 1- 3y/o PB Saanen, quality b'lines, hand raised, $375ea. Mark Roberts; Spartanburg; 864-486-0927

REG NIGERIAN DWARF BABY GOATS, bucks, $250up; does, $350up; exc b'lines, more, mature bucks & does, $350up. Mark Yonce; Spartanburg; 864-473-0253

DAIRY GOATS, Saanen Nubian crossed; y/o, butt headed does, $150ea. Mike Hendrix; Newberry; 803-924-8541

AGS REG NIGERIAN DWARF, doelings, wormed, disbudded, blue eyed, $175, B-4/2017. Patty Jackson; Cherokee; 864-316-0741

'17 BOER BILLIES & NANNIES, $125-200ea; 1y/o billy, gentle, $300; 300lb billy, 5y/o, gentle, $300. Philip Poole; Union; 864-427-1589

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLINGS, sire is PB, dam is ¼Alpine & good milker, blue eyes, $100. Steve Gajdosik; Spartanburg; 864-764-4520

20 KIKO BOER NANNIES, $150. Thomas Rogers; Anderson; 864-847-7709

BRIAR NANNY, B-5/30, ready 8/17, $125. Tiffany Mizell; Charleston; 843-620-2217

ALPINE PB DOE, 1y/o, ready for breeding, $175. Vee Merck; Pickens; 864-498-8509

KATAHDIN & DORPER SHEEP, M; Nigerian dwarf pigmy goats, B-3/17, $150 up. Walt Teachman; Anderson; 864-356-1933

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS, males, 3m/o-3y/o, multi colors, FB, good breeders, $150up. William Moore; Anderson; 864-859-4810


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FESCUE/CLOVER MIX, HQ, lrg rnd, $50, local del avail. Alex Stone; Greenville; 864-836-0644

'17 FESCUE/BERMUDA MIX, 4x5 rnd, $40. Andy Gallman; Newberry; 803-924-5157

WHEAT STRAW, hvy sq, $4.50ea. Andy McDonald; Abbeville; 864-446-8358

'17 CB, over edge net wrap, $35; '16 CB, $30; both exc horse hay. Ann Furtick; Orangeburg; 803-707-4826

'16 CB, 40 lrg rnd bales, 4x5, in field, will load, $30ea. Arlene Ray; Aiken; 803-649-2247

SQ BALE HAY, '17 cut, cow/goat/sheep, mixed fescue, barn kept, $4. Benjamin Hopkins; Cherokee; 336-817-2024

'17 WHEAT STRAW, bright & clean, tight bales, $4ea. Bill Martin; Anderson; 864-314-3570

RYE, sq, no weather, barn kept, $4ea. Brooks McCarter; York; 704-301-6869

'17 CB, 2nd cut, 4×5 rnd, $60; sq, $6/field or $7/barn, quantity disc avail. Bruce Stuart; Aiken; 803-645-0378

'17 CB, 4 x 5 rnd, shed kept, $45 ea. Carroll Harmon, Lexington, 803-359-3956

'17 FESCUE, 4x5, no rain, $30. Carroll Shealy; Laurens; 864-697-6289

CORN & WHEAT, cleaned, 50# bags, $8; oats, cleaned, 50# bags, $10. Cecil Parks; Greenville; 864-963-1454

PURE ALFALFA, 75lb bales; Alfalfa & Orchard mix, Pure Timothy prem hay, $12ea, can del. Chad Morgan; Anderson; 864-844-1589

OAT HAY, rnd, $45; fescue, rnd, $40; sq bales of straw, $3.50 Charles Nichols; Saluda; 864-445-8350

COASTAL, HQ, 2nd cut, net wrap rnd, shed kept. $65; outside, $55. Chris Johnson; Aiken; 803-640-2734

'17 WYOMING ALFALFA, prem HQ, 3x3x8, 900lbs, $150 cash. Chris Roux; Cherokee; 864-906-5471

CORN, 50lb shell or 60lb cob, $7/bag, Springfield. Chuck Gable; Orangeburg; 803-837-0244

'17 CB, HQ, sq, $6, rnd, $50; rye straw, sq, $3.50; oat hay, rnd, $50. Clayton Leaphart; Lexington; 803-892-2642

'17 FESCUE MIX, 4x5, $30, 50 bales. Dan Lawing; York; 803-517-0875

'17 RYEGRASS, rye wheat, 4x5 rnd, $45ea. Danny Leitner; Fairfield; 843-200-0887

BERMUDA & BAHIA, 4x5, net wrap, $30, del avail. Danny McAlhaney; Bamberg; 803-793-7095

'17 FESCUE, HQ, sq, $4ea. Danny Sarratt; Cherokee; 864-812-5605

PREM ALFALFA HORSE HAY, and perennial peanut, small sq, 55lbs, $11; alfalfa grass mix, small sq, $6; del avail. David Froehlich; Bamberg; 803-368-0097

'17 CB, 1st cut, rnd net wrap, no rain, 90 bales avail, $40ea. David Fulmer; Orangeburg; 803-917-0467

DEER CORN, $40/55 gal drum; oats & wheat, $40/55 gal drum. David Sease; Newberry; 803-622-2957

CB, rnd, $50 & $40; sq, $5.50; wheat & rye straw, sq, $3.50 Dwight McCartha; Lexington; 803-429-6121

'17 CB, rnd 4x4, no rain, $40, del avail w/in 30 miles of Lynchburg. Eddie Phillips; Sumter; 803-486-0081

'16 CB, HQ, sq, tight, hvy, $5.50ea. Frank Wooten; Aiken; 803-564-5565

'17 FESCUE BERMUDA BAHIA MIX, limed, fert, no weeds, very clean, 4x4, baling now, $15, volume not needed. Glenn Wright; McCormick; 864-993-5268

'16 CB 85, HQ, net wrap, baled w/o rain, stored outside, $55; 10+, $50, lrg quant disc avail. Harold Allan; Clarendon; 803-473-8230

'17 OATS HAY, 100 bales, 5x5, $50ea; '17 fesque hay, 20 bales, 5x5, $30ea. Harroll Stockman; Newberry; 803-924-7878

COASTAL, sq, $4.50ea. Henry Mattox; Lexington; 803-238-5409

'17 FESCUE, orchard, rye grass mix, sq, fert, clean, good quality, $4ea. Henry Mitchell; York; 803-627-6142

'17 CB, HQ, sq, In barn, $5.50ea; '16 HQ, exc CQ, 4x5 net wrap, in barn, $35ea; CB Bahia mix, $25ea. Henry Welch; Berkeley; 843-899-5414

CB, fert, limed sprayed for weeds, no rain, in barn 4x5, $40. J Alley; Anderson; 864-940-1878

'17 TIFTON 85, forage tested, HQ, custom fert program, barn kept, sq, $8, loaded from barn; $7, in field. Jae Bowen; Cherokee; 864-809-4283

CB, HQ, baled 6/17. sheltered. very clean. net wrap, 5x4, $50. James Easterling; Darlington; 843-307-0805

OATS SEED, combine run, $40/55gal drum; wheat seed, combine run, $55/55gal drum. Jason Nichols; Saluda; 864-992-2753

CB, HQ, 4x5 net wrap, shed kept, $50; fescue cb mix, clean 4x5 net wrap, shed kept, $45; rye oats balage, 4x4, $45. Jason Wilkie; Lexington; 803-600-2438

STRAW, $3.50ea, lrg quan & del avail. Jeb Wilson; Chester; 803-209-2703

'17 FESCUE, sq, in barn, $5ea. Jerry Butler; Laurens; 864-697-6343

CB, HQ, baled 7/6, 5x4 $45. Jerry Harmon; Lexington; 803-356-8541

CB, sq, HQ, $5, @ barn, can del for a fee. Jerry Padgett; Berkeley; 843-312-0030

'17 CB, HQ, 4 x5 net wrap, $55ea; '16 CB, HQ, 4x5 net wrap, $40ea. Joey Greene; Aiken; 803-646-3591

COASTAL, 4x5, limed, fert, lrg, $40ea. Johnny Hickey; Chesterfield; 843-537-7535

WHEAT STRAW, sq. $3ea picked up. Johnny Porter; Fairfield; 803-718-6291

'16 CB, rnd, GQ, in shed, $35, in field, $30. Josiah Williams; Bamberg; 843-693-1970

'17 RND BALES, net wrap, EQ, Bermuda, Rye grass or mixed varieties, $40-50. Justin Howe; Newberry; 803-944-1065

'17 HQ COASTAL, sq, $6.50; Alfalfa/Bermuda mix, $9.50; HQ Coastal, rnd, net wrap, $120/ton, picked up, volume disc. Kevin Yon; Saluda; 803-685-5048

RYE STRAW, sq, $3.50ea; CB, sq, $5.50ea. Larry McCartha; Lexington; 803-606-2499

COASTAL HAY, horse grade, net wrap, 51in x 56in, $55ea, del avail for fee. Lee Ellisor; Lexington; 803-960-6080

FEED CORN, $7/bu or $38 in your 55 gal drum; wheat, $6/bu or $35 in your 55 gal drum. Lin Hamlin; Charleston; 843-696-0658

'17 CB, tight sq bales, HQ for horses & cattle, fields limed/ fert to Clemson specs, $6ea. Louise Pollans; Orangeburg; 803-533-1763

'16 COASTAL HAY, $40ea; '17 Coastal hay, $50; '17 Coastal Mix, $25, all rnd. Marion Rish; Lexington; 803-606-5115

WHEAT, oats in your 55gal drum, $40; wheat straw, sq, $4ea; all grain non-GMO. Mary Anderson; Spartanburg; 803-446-3326

'17 FESCUE BERMUDA MIX, 4x5 rnd, no rain, net wrap w/edge cover, $35. Michael Strickland; Laurens; 864-923-3153

'17 CB, 4x5, $50. Norman Nettles; Barnwell; 803-571-0092

'17 CB, HQ, 4x5, fert, no rain, shed kept, net wrap, $50ea, del avail. Oscar Easler; Lexington; 803-530-6501

FESCUE, rnd 4x5, HQ, $50, shed stored on pallets, can deliver for fee. Otis Hembree; Spartanburg; 864-316-1222

CB, HQ, sq, $5ea. Otto Williamson; Williamsburg; 843-372-2692

ORCHARDGRASS, 2nd cut, HQ, 55 lbs+, 5.25; Orchardgrass mix, 2nd cut, GQ, 50lbs+, 4.50; Ozark Bermuda, 55+, $4.75. Paul O'Dell; Laurens; 864-861-2336

'17 CB, HQ, in shed, $55ea, lrg quanity disc avail. Paul Smith; Williamsburg; 803-968-1026

'17 MIXED FESCUE/COASTAL, 4x5 Net Wrap, no rain, baled 6/12, $40, delivery available. Phil Lucas; Greenwood; 864-377-4337

'17 ORCHARD GRASS & CLOVER, 4x5 hay, tested 8.9% protein, $50. Randy King; Greenville; 864-630-7691

OATS, $40/barrel; hay, 4x5 net wrap, $50ea, small sq, $6ea; wheat straw, 4x5 net wrap, $35ea, small sq, $4ea. Richard Knight; Bethune 803-427-6440

'17 CB, 4x5 HQ, $40, barn kept; 4x5 CQ, $25. Rudy Williams; Clarendon; 803-938-2945

'17 CB, rnd, net wrap, no rain, $45-$55; shed kept, rye/clover mix, rnd, net wrap, $40. Steve Jordan; Edgefield; 803-518-0677

WHEAT STRAW, $3ea. Steve Knox; Anderson; 864-934-9007

'17 CB, prem HQ, rnd, $50; sq, $6; straw, $4; del avail. Steve Lowder; Lee; 803-9682288

CB, proper lime & fert, quality guaranteed, sq, $7; 4x5 rnd, net wrap, pallet stored, $60. Theresa Kirchner; Aiken; 803-646-0999

'17 WILD RYE & BERMUDA, 23 bales, some rain, cow hay, $25; good Bermuda, $45. Val Miller; Orangeburg; 803-940-0782

'17 FESCUE MIX, sq, $4ea. W Dixon; Laurens; 864-683-6620

COASTAL, HQ, new crop, high protein level, 50lb sq, $5.50; 4x5 rnd, 950lbs, $50, del avail. Wayne Howle; Darlington; 843-332-8063

'17 FESCUE MIXED, $40; '16 hay, $25; older hay for mulch, $15; can deliver. William Pow; Saluda; 803-924-2165

SHELLED CORN, 50lb, $6; shelled, 55gal drum, $40, drum not included. Wyatt Eargle; Aiken; 803-604-7535

4 PB TAMWORTH BOAR PIGS, currently pastured, B-3/7, breed, feed or eat, parents on site, $75ea or $250 for all. Bob Willis; Edgefield; 803-634-1467

BERKSHIRE PIGLETS, unregistered, 12w/o, $75obo. Bobby Turner; Spartanburg; 864-809-7655

BERKSHIRE PIGLETS, all shots, wormed, M & F, $100ea. Jason Painter; Spartanburg; 864-641-9855

POTBELLY PIGS, $125, 2F/4M. Jeanette Salyers; Florence; 843-615-6827

PIGLETS, Mulefoot/Lrg Blk/Guinea Hog cross, $75. Steve Gajdosik; Spartanburg; 864-764-4520

18 PIGLETS, $50; 9 80lb, $80; pure Berk Gilt, 190lb, $190; parents avail, $250; all 36 for $2800. William Roof; Lexington; 803-315-6453


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BROWN MAMMOTH JACK DONKEY, 3y/o, 15hands, gentle, halter broke, $500. Dianne Wall; Edgefield; 803-480-7381

MINI DONKEY JACK, gentle, halter broke, $250. Homer Wilson; Richland; 803-786-6216

REG MINI DONKEYS, red jenny, B-5/21/11, $950; gray jenny, B-5/28/11, $1700, poss bred; blk jenny, B-3/27/17, $2500. Mark Yonce; Spartanburg; 864-473-0253


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CIRCLE Y SHOW WP SADDLE, $1250; Caldwell Barrel saddle, $1800. RL Watson Endurance, $125; County Dressage, $1500. A Langston; Oconee; 864-324-1913

EGG WASHER, for small farm, $2200. Alex Ryzy-Ryski; Jasper; 843-540-2210

CEDAR POSTS, 7ft rnd, $3&4ea; holly & red oak lumber, $2/bf; walnut lumber, $3/bf. Andy Morris; Newberry; 803-276-2670

GARDEN SPRAYER, B&S gas engine, 10gal, $150. Ansel Shumpert; Lexington; 803-755-1625

SWISHER MOWER, 60in finishing, PB, used 3 seasons, tuned B&S eng, new blades, $700. Art Stremm; Aiken; 803-443-5419

5 CARPENTER BEES TRAPS, lots of 5, $85, incl ship. Bill Timmerman; Aiken; 803-640-6265

TRUE TEST CATTLE SCALES, alum trough, ID3000 indicator, MP600 load bars, Allflex eid reader, used 2x, $3000. Brian Rikard; Oconee; 706-491-1111

PLASTIC BUCKETS, 5gal, GC, $1.50ea. C Hallman; Lexington; 803-730-4673

THERAPLATE, equine rehab & therapy massage machine, used for 4 mon, warranty transfers, EC, $1700. Charlotte Strickland; Laurens; 864-923-0736

BEEHIVE, new, complete bee hive kit, $72.95ea. Dale Starnes; Lancaster; 803-577-7871

4 RND ½ BUSHEL BASKETS, w/o covers, new, $2.50ea; 11 rnd bushel baskets, w/o covers, new, $4ea. David Nettles; Orangeburg; 803-516-1375

RND CEDAR POSTS, cut to various sizes, 3-12in dia, 6-15ft, $3-18ea per size; cedar lumber, 4x4, $2/bf. Douglass Britt; McCormick; 864-391-3334

EGG CARTON, 1dz, 20¢ea, 1½dz, 25¢ea; alum big trk wheels, Budd, $85. F Rowe; Newberry; 803-940-3317

DEVILBISS AIR COMPRESSOR, motor works, tank has leak, $100. Frank Weaver; York; 704-614-0605

BRAVE EAGLE LOG SPLITTER, 22 ton, $750; alum p-nut cooker, can hold 2 bushels w/home made burner, $550. Franklin Brown; Charleston; 843-559-2761

YARD MACHINE, 5hp rear tines, tiller 18in w/counter rotating B&S engine, rev-N-F, $350. Gerald Bradley; Greenville; 864-877-5786

1H WAGON, orig wood spoke wheels, good for use or display, $1250. Harry Isbell; Anderson; 864-617-2627

HICKORY FIREWOOD, split, $40, small pickup load, you load. Hazel Bridges; Greenville; 864-879-3384

BROILER HOUSE EQUIP, 300- 6inx12inx5ft cool cell pads, used 1x, $15ea; curtain machines, $450; more. Howard McCartha; Lexington; 803-312-3316

WATER TANK, 550gal rnd poly w/valve, $200; auto poultry curtain machine, $130. Jack Whitaker; York; 803-925-2129

FORDSON TRACTOR TOOL BOX, $60; 1870 hand corn sheller, $200; tobacco cutter saw blade, $175; water pump, $150. James Coster; Greenwood; 864-227-2590

METAL ROOFING, blk, 13-21ft11inL, $1.75/ft, diff lengths shorter; 28 galv, 13ft9in, $1.55/ft. James Horne; Greenville; 864-243-3682

CHICKEN NEST BOXES, galvanized metal, $50/section; chicken house equip, winches, $50ea. James Schumpert; Aiken; 803-486-5018

JD 2 DISC TILLER, $875; antique horse drawn drag pan scoop, $100. Jim Atkinson; Pickens; 864-506-9023

RR TIES, $12, del, $10, pickup. Jimmy Forrest; Saluda; 803-685-7735

MOTOMOC GRAIN MOISTURE METER, model 919, w/scale, $125; Steinlite grain moisture meter, model 500RC, $125. John Durai; Kershaw; 803-418-9230

BLK WALNUT LUMBER, $5/bf; wht or red oak, $2/bf. John Padgett; Saluda; 803-687-4316

BIOTHANE HARNESS, Amish made, for full size horse, RC, $200. Kelly Moore; Greenville; 864-444-7154

LUMBER, Shortleaf pine 1x4-6x16, 45¢/bf; red oak, 2x6x16, $1.50/bf; White Pine2x16x12ft, $2/bf. Kent Jewell; Lancaster; 803-320-3708

UTILITY POLES, $1/ft, creosote & salt treated, fence post, pole barn post, Lance Lowe; Anderson; 864-276-2228

BILLY COOK CUTTING SADDLE. USED. GC, w/misc accessories & Saddle stand. $550. Lena Renwick; Abbeville; 864-426-3151

300 WOODEN PRODUCE CRATES, 50y/o, vintage, $10ea. Lewis Patton; Laurens; 864-430-5746

PINE STRAW RAKE, 4ft, GC, $150; scrape bucket, GC, $200. Lonnie Griffin; Lexington; 803-960-9290

2 RIMS, 1 floatation tire, 700/40-22.5 tubeless; 2 tires & rims, 315/80R22.5, $1200. Marion Rish; Lexington; 803-606-5115

HORSE MANURE/COMPOST, $10/frt end ldr, reg bed truck, we load. Margaret Stewart, Spartanburg, 864-441-2277

SADDLES, American, blk, w/conchos, tapaderos, breast collar, LN; Simco brn leather; both 16in seat & $300ea. Marie Biggerstaff; Spartanburg; 864-542-6418

WHEEL WEIGHTS, for Case IH tractor, $75/set; Mary Anderson; Richland; 803-446-3326

CEDAR POSTS, rnd, 8-9ft, good heart, $3ea. Melvin Abell; Newberry; 803-345-2249

CRIPPEN SEED CLEANER, Fischbein sewing machine, $8000 obo. Michael Millender; Calhoun; 803-687-0656

TOMATO CAGES, 4ft galv, $5ea. Mike Sexton; Richland; 803-600-0414

7000LB FARM JACK, $50: 9- 1.5in fire hose, 50ft, $100ea obo; 32in exhaust fans, $1500ea. Otis Hembree: Spartanburg: 864-316-1222

HORSE DRAWN WAGON, by Brewster Brunson, w/side lamps & ball bearing wheels, $3500. Otto Williamson; Williamsburg; 843-372-2692

GRIST MILL, $70; 2 syrup kettles, $600ea; corn sheller, $60; 2 well pulleys, $30ea. Perry Masters; Greenville; 864-561-4792

55GAL METAL, w/lid & rings, $20ea; portable tow tank, $65ea; plastic drums, 55/35/15 gal, $13 & $15ea. Philip Poole; Union; 864-427-1589

PONY CART, seats 2, complete harness set, LN,, $300; mule drawn corn planter, $125. R Long; Newberry; 803-924-9039

CALLICRATES "WEE" BANDER, w/100bands, $180; pneumatic hand-held post driver, 26#, $450; electric hoof knife, $180. Randy King; Greenville; 864-630-7691

ROCKWELL DELTA CONTRACTOR SAW, w/stand, 2hp, 230V, made in USA, used very little, $500. Ray Martin; Oconee; 864-882-4848

5000 BU GRAIN BIN, w/blower & unloading auger, $2500. Rick Clark; Berkeley; 843-688-5993

4 TIRES, 265/75/16, & wheels from '93 Chevy Z-71, $150; Lincoln welder, GC, $200. Rickie Evans; Chester; 803-209-2714

GOURDS, hang ready, $1-1.50ea; uncut, 25¢-$1ea; lrg cotton scale, w/6 & 8lb peas, GC, $175. Robert Yonce; Aiken; 803-685-7240

½ BUSHEL HANDLE BASKETS, used 1x, LN, $1ea. Sam Hall; York; 803-627-5545

GOAT MANURE, you must gather & transport, $1. Shelly Hammond; Aiken; 803-292-1937

REDWORMS, $30/1000; bed run, $25/lb; LS swamp worms, $35/1000; bed run, $30/lb; call for ship chrgs, more. Terry Unger; Greenville; 864-299-1932

REESE 5TH WHEEL HITCH, 14k, rails, $100, GC. Thomas Rogers; Anderson; 864-847-7709

PLANTER & FERT DISTRIB, mule drawn planter, $30ea or $50 for both. Tony Smith; Anderson; 864-353-1819

100 CREOSOTE POLES, avail for p-up, 4-5ft in length, $2 for all. Van Watts; Richland; 843-340-5645

WASH POTS, horse drawn implements, $40 & up; 75 one bushel bean baskets, $75. W Williams; Orangeburg; 803-536-3067

RR CROSS TIES, 8ft, $11; 15ft, $36; 16ft, $38, can del. Wayman Coleman; Abbeville; 864-379-1138

MF FORKS, 42in L, for MF 232 frt end ldr, little use, $395. William Brannon; Florence; 803-669-0622

HUSQVARNA SAW, $160; Polan saws, $100ea. William Claxton; Colleton; 843-909-4285


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CONFEDERATE ROSES, tea olives, gardenias, forsythias, azaleas, angel trumpets, crepe myrtle, $10up. Cornelius Clark; Berkeley; 843-761-2343

LRG AZALEAS, 3y/o, $1.75ea; hydrangeas, boxwoods, tea olives, gardenias, $5ea; crepe myrtles, camellias, 3gal pots, $12ea. F Noles; Barnwell; 803-383-4066

LEYLAND CYPRESS, 3gal, $4.50; Jap Maple, $8-20; Magnolia, China Fir, Kwanson Cherry, $5-15; more. Hazel Bridges; Greenville; 864-879-3384

TEXAS STAR, swamp Hibiscus, bare root, 75¢up, minimum of 10, disc for volume, lrg red blooms, 4000 avail. James Russell; Orangeburg; 803-534-2928

SNOWBALL BUSH, sky pencils, $12ea; confederate rose, pink angel trumpets, $7ea; yel lady bank roses, $6ea, more. Larry Johnson; Orangeburg; 803-664-4213

JAPANESE MAPLES, 100 varieties, 3-25gal, $39up. Mike Britton; Edgefield; 803-278-1468

RED HIBISCUS, lrg, red blooms, $4ea, 2 plants, annual. Nannette Boswell; Greenville; 864-382-8479

CANNA BULBS, President red, pink, Bengal Tiger, no ship, $12/dz. Robert Yonce; Aiken; 803-685-7240

MONKEY GRASS, hosta, 4in pot, $3ea; iris, daylily, gardenia, 4in pot, $4ea; hydrangea, $5 & $9ea. Woody Ellenburg; Pickens; 864-855-2565


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JUMBO RINGNECK PHEASANTS, 1M, 4F, $50 for all, 1+y/o, laying. Albert Eaton; Florence; 843-245-2145

LAVENDER WYANDOTTES, $30pr; 3 & 5m/o, $12ea; dark RIR prs, 5m/o, $25pr. Barney Gause; Williamsburg; 843-356-1671

65 LAYING HENS, Buff Orpington, now laying w/brown eggs, $16ea.Tim Shoemaker; Richland; 803-728-9505

BOBWHITE QUAIL, 1w/o & up, $1up. Billy Gallman; Newberry; 803-276-7171

BUFF & LAVENDER CHICKENS, 4m/o, $8; Crested Cream Legbar pullets, 4m/o, $12. Bud Weakland; Union; 803-924-7252

MALLARD DUCKS, male & female, various ages, $8-15ea. Chris Rodgers; Saluda; 803-730-2491

GAME CHICKENS, 2-5m/o, $2-4ea, according to age. Dan Hallman; Lexington; 803-755-2799

4 PEKING DUCKS, $15 for all. Fred Taylor; Dorchester; 843-462-2289

AMERAUCANA YNG HENS, $15; roosters, $5; Whitings Tru Blue pullets, $15; brown/green egg laying hens, $15-20. Gary Fluno; Newberry; 803-944-8514

W/O CHICKS, barrocks, buff orpingtons, RIR, $1ea; w/o Guinea keets, $3ea; w/o bronze turkeys, $7ea. Geraldine Ricard; Lexington; 803-409-9670

BLK SHOULDER PEACOCKS, 2M, 1 y/o; 1F, 1y/o, $ 75ea; 1M, 4-5y/o, $125. Gloria Roquemore; Sumter; 803-494-3681

BANTAMS, golden & silver sebrights, 2m/o, $15ea or 3 for $35. Jacky Cockrell; Edgefield; 803-336-8090

GAME CHICKENS, pullets & cockerels, $6ea; laying hens, $8ea, Hatch & Wilson crossed. Jerry Knight; Greenville; 864-423-0301

YNG & ADULT, Indian runner ducks, Wyandotte, New Hampshire, Orpington, Cochin, $5. Kay Clair; Spartanburg; 864-463-3886

PEACHICKS, $35ea, India Blue/Pied: also chicks, $2 & up, RIR, RIW, Cuckoo Maran, Ameraucana, and others. Keith Ballard; York; 803-628-6063

MANDARIN DUCKS, $100/pr; Sharp Wing Teal hens, $50ea; Lady Amherst Pheasants, $15ea & up; Button Quail, $15/pr. Kent Jewell; Lancaster; 803-320-3708

GOLDEN COMET LAYERS, $10ea. Lavenia Hentz; Richland; 803-360-7760

WHT KINGS PIGEONS, $7ea for 1dz or more. Leslie Newcomb; Lee; 803-432-2839

SILKIE CHICKS, $10up, depending on age, all colors, Champion stock. Linda Sinclair; Lexington; 803-360-5597

BREEDER WATERFOWL, b Chinese, $50/pr; Egyptian, $100/pr; paradise shelducks, $200/pr; jungle fowl, $20/pr Lloyd Gerhart; Kershaw; 803-425-8796

GUINEA KEETS, $4ea, up to w/o. Lyn Haynes; Laurens; 864-684-5779

100 PULLETS, GLS RSL & RIR, starting to lay 8/17, $7.50ea. Mac McClendon; Colleton; 843-835-5050

BLK SEXLINKS, barn yard mixed chickens, hatched 5/21, 100+ healthy birds, $2. Marcus Robertson; Saluda; 864-993-9157

PEACOCKS, 5 India blue males, 14m/o, $85ea; pullets, blk australorp, NH reds, $10ea, 3m/o. Martha Gandy; Darlington; 843-383-5084

GUINEA KEETS, d/o-2 w/o, $4; 2-4w/o, $5; 4-6w/o, $6. Mary-Jane Vivas; Edgefield; 803-480-1574

4 MAGPIE DUCKS, grown, laying, y/o, 1 Drake, 3 hens. $25ea or all for $80; Muscovy ducks, 4m/o-1yr, $7 & up. Mike Hendrix; Newberry; 803-924-8541

BUFF ORPINGTONS, $8up. Some laying. Mike Reed; Aiken; 803-646-1315

PEKING DUCKS, wht, B-4/22, $15; Plymouth Barred Rock chicks, B-6/16-19, $ 4/M, $8/F. Pat Westhead; Orangeburg; 803-290-3292

TURKEYS, 1-12w/o, $10-20ea; Bronze & Black, 1y/o, $40-50ea; laying hens & pullets, $7-15ea; more. Philip Poole; Union; 864-427-1589

BANTAMS, Golden & Silver Seabrights, $6ea. Richard Faulk; Sumter; 803-494-8499

3 MALLARD KHAKI DRAKES, 5m/o, $15ea or all for $40. Roberto Garcia; Richland; 803-687-7531

BLK TAIL WHT JAP BANTAMS, 6w/o, $4; Welsh Harlequin ducklings, $4; 10m/o pullets, Production reds, Blk Sexlink, $8. Rodger Winn; Newberry; 803-924-6084

AMERICANA, Seabright, Mille Fluer, RIR roosters, Guinea, $5up; white bantam ducks, $10. Roger Todd; Anderson; 864-617-4345

2 BANTAM ROOSTERS, Millie Fleur, feather footed, $5ea. Sharron Pickle; Richland; 803-445-3433

BARR ROCK PULLETS, starting to lay, $20ea. Steve Ard; Aiken; 803-603-0642

CROSS RIR/WHT LEGHORN PULLETS, H-3/14, $7ea. Steve Van Patton; Spartanburg; 864-607-5215

GUINEA KEETS, $4.50, d/o-w/o, increasing .50¢/week; eggs, $3/dz. Steven Windham; Spartanburg; 864-969-3299

MILLE FLEUR OE BANTAMS, $15/pr; lavender ameraucanas, jubilee, silver laced orpingtons , brown eggs layers. Tim Boozer; Newberry; 803-924-3922

CHICKS, Buff Orpington, RIR, $3ea; Guinea Jumbo Pearl keets, $5ea. Vivian Hickman; Florence; 843-389-7372

MUSCOVY DUCKS, $5up; Pekin ducks, $15ea; call ducks, $20 ea; game chicks, $5up; roller pigeons, $8ea; more. William Claxton; Colleton; 843-909-4285


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MINI REX, colors, blue otter, blk otter, broken blk otter, broken choc. $20ea. Billie Jean Brown; Lexington; 803-622-5245

CALIFORNIA SMUT NOSE, mixed w/Rex, $10, meat rabbits. Corby Hite; Saluda; 803-604-2254

CA SMUT NOSE, 2m/o, $10ea. Geraldine Ricard; Lexington; 803-409-9670

FRENCH ANGORA, 6-18m/o, 3 bucks, 4 does, $30ea or $150 for all. Grace Sprecher; Dorchester; 843-696-5856

DUTCH, Mini Rex, $10- 20ea. Philip Poole; Union; 864-427-1589

FLEMISH GIANTS, $15. Roger Todd; Anderson; 864-617-4345

COTTONTAILS, lop male, checker gaint female, mini Rex male, $15ea. William Claxton; Colleton; 843-909-4285


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WHITE OAK AUCTION, ea Sat, misc @ 2, animals @ 5, in-take @ 9, 2129 I M Graham Rd, Lake City. Elaine Cowee; Berkeley; 843-861-0377

AUCTION, ea Sat, intake 7, starts 11, animal & animal related, 1591 Bishopville Hwy. Glenn Hinson; Kershaw; 803-600-4202

SMALL ANIMAL SALE, 2nd/4th Saturday each month, 10am, poultry, animal related & farm equipment. Judy Cathcart; Union; 864-427-9202

LIVESTOCK SMALL ANIMAL AUCTION, 1st & 3rd Fri of mon, check in 3pm, sale 7pm, Phil Grant; Chester; 803-329-3684

CLAXTONS AUCTION, ev Sat 11am, cows ,pigs, goats, sheep, poultry, sm animals, equine, camelots; special sale 7/16, 1pm. William Claxton; Colleton; 843-909-4285


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8/4-5 ED BROWN 49TH. ANNUAL RODEO, adv tickets, adult $18; child, $8; at gate, adult, $20; child, $10. Ed Brown; Cherokee; 864-839-6239

9/8-9 NEWBERRY CO AG EXPO, PD Johnson Farm, 7556 Hwy 219, ag exhibits, SC High School Rodeo, 8pm ea night, more. Lisa Sligh; Newberry; 803-940-0318


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USED ROTARY DITCHER, small 3pt, Ex Landpride DT-35, GC, field ready. Darren Thompson; Colleton; 843-844-7184

PLANTING ATTACHMENT, for Super A/140, under tractor sled, attaches to front lift arm. Dennis Fulmer, Horry, 843-347-7903

FRONT END LDR, hvy model for '65 Int H 424 and/or other implements. Ed Anderson; Lancaster; 706-714-6139

NH MOWER/COND, 492 or 489, 9ft cut, in GC. Leroy Mitchem; York; 803-222-4356

DRAG HARROW, 3pt or tow considered. Steve Culbreth; Allendale; 865-359-9558

DELTA HOOK, rapid/quick connect, 3ph tractor control & receiver plates, will take individual pieces. Terry Vinson; Greenville; 864-338-5834


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Peking Duck Hens. Cindy Leopard; Aiken; 803-360-4145

BEEF CATTLE, or dairy cattle, will buy herds. Kenneth Satterfield; Laurens; 864-304-3172

WHT RINGNECK DOVES, 2 or 3 mated prs. Lewis Lee; Newberry; 803-924-5866

TURKEYS, female & male, can p-up. Mozelle Jones; Richland; 803-463-0475


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OLE TIME VELVET BEANS. Dennis Shuler; Berkeley; 843-565-3912

TRACTOR TIRE, 13.6 X 38in, in GC. George Raborn; Aiken; 803-648-8866

PINE SAWTIMBER, pine pulpwood & hdwd, we cut sm or lrg tracts, 8A or more. H Yonce; Edgefield; 803-275-2091

FARM BELL, any size, blacksmith anvil, any size; hand crank corn sheller. L Gunter; Lexington; 803-532-7394

3020 JD TRACTOR, ROPS. top canopy. Mark Hall; Abbeville; 864-980-0423

Old metal tractor seats; old disc scalloped or plain. Nathan Shirey; Lexington; 803-315-6109

BELLS, any size, farm, church, or train, brass or cast iron; cast iron pots, any size. Perry Masters; Greenville; 864-561-4792

BELLS, farm, church, brass, any size, #24 bell cradles, wash pots, blacksmith anvils. R Long; Newberry; 803-924-9039

PULPWOOD SAW TIMBER, hdwd, pine, all types of thinning or clear cut, pay top prices, upstate counties. Tim Morgan; Greenville; 864-420-0251

PINE STRAW FIELDS, clean long needle to rake, top prices paid. Trey Shull; Lexington; 803-318-4263

OLD WINDMILLS, and/or parts, towers, head, tail, in GC only. William Moore; Anderson; 864-859-4810

Total: 460 Ads