Beginning in March 2005, volunteers formed a steering committee to begin the discussion and exploration of creating a statewide food policy council that would work towards the improvement and expansion of healthier and more informed food choices by South Carolinians. As a result of the steering committee findings, on March 17, 2006, the SC Food Policy Council (FPC) held its first general membership meeting and continued to meet throughout the year.

General members of the FPC include representatives from state government agencies, university faculty members, agricultural commodity associations, food banks, farmers, elected officials, and agribusiness representatives.

The FPC serves as a forum for members to share their concerns as well as their progress on related programs and initiatives that are related to the food system here in South Carolina. The networking opportunities and the information shared at these meetings have greatly benefited many of the members of the Council as they work towards the goals of continued growth, promotion and protection of a healthy agricultural industry and a safe and plentiful food supply in South Carolina.


The purpose of the organization is to provide a forum for South Carolina’s food policy stakeholders to network, collaborate, and share ideas in order to identify issues, develop policies, build consensus and provide information and advocacy services necessary to the well-being and sustainability of South Carolina’s food sector enterprises.

Want to Join the SC Food Policy Council?

Anyone interested in joining the SC Food Policy Council and/or being placed on the email list to receive more information about upcoming workshops can contact Martin Eubanks at 803-734-2221.