Timber and Forestry

Nothing's Stronger . . . Forests cover two-thirds of the total land area in South Carolina and they are essential for our state's economy, environment, and quality of life. 
   Timber, with a delivered value of about $800 million, is South Carolina's most valued crop.
   South Carolina's Southern Yellow Pine is known for its strength and prized as the hardest of the softwoods that are commercially available.  
   A great value to the state's economy, South Carolina's forestry industry generates $17 billion annually to the state's economy, employing over 90,624 individuals. Forest products is #1 in manufacturiing in SC. SC exports over $1.3 billion in timber and timber products a year.

Gene Kodama
State Forester
SC Forestry Commission
Cam Crawford
SC Forestry Association


Clemson University Forestry and Natural Resources
SC Christmas Tree Association
SC Forestry Association
SC Forestry Commission