Weights and Measures Program

Weights and Measures Inspections
Consumer Services Field Specialists visit over 20,000 firms per year checking the accuracy of weighing and measuring devices and the net content of packaged goods. They use highly precise equipment to inspect the accuracy of all types of scales, gasoline dispensers, fuel oil mete
rs, LP gas meters, and the net contents of packages to protect consumers, businesses, and manufacturers of this State from short measure and fraud.

For more information or to report a weights and measures problem, contact
John Stokes, 803-737-9690.
Pump and Scale License Renewal

Renew Pump

Renew Scale

Registration of Repairpersons of Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices
Registered repairpersons of commercial weighing and measuring devices are authorized to put new commercial devices into service and repaired devices back into service. Standards used by these persons are required to be calibrated by a state standards lab at least every two years. The registration fee is $25 per person

SC Metrology Laboratory
The SC Metrology Laboratory is a provider of NIST traceable calibrations for mass and volume standards. The laboratory calibrates equipment for state inspectors, scale companies and pump service companies for the enforcement of weights and measures regulations. The laboratory also offers calibration services to any business, industry or government agency requiring NIST traceability.

The SC Metrology Laboratory is recognized by The National Institute of Standards and Technology as an Echelon I laboratory which is the highest precision level recognized by NIST. Calibrations are available from 1 milligram to 500 kilograms, .001 pound to 1000 pounds and 1 gallon to 1500 gallons.

To schedule a calibration, complete the Calibration Request Form and include a copy with each shipment.

For more information, contact:

Robert McGee
SCDA Metrology Lab


Laboratory Shipping Address: 

SC Department of Agriculture
Metrology Laboratory
237 Catawba Street
Columbia, SC 29201

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