SCDA Consumer Protection Division issues Certificates of Free Sale, Good Manufacturing Practices, Certificates of Health and other export documents to Manufacturers registered with SCDA Food Safety. Manufacturers can request documents for export that will include manufacturer, product list, and import country. Only products manufactured in South Carolina facilities licensed, registered, permitted, or certified by SCDA will be issued Good Manufacturing Practices Certificates.

SCDA Agricultural/Marketing Services issues Certificates of Free Sale for products distributed, but not manufactured in South Carolina. These products are considered to be freely sold products and are not regulated or licensed by SCDA. The name of the distributor and the products will appear on the certificate, but legally binding information in regards to registrations, permits or licenses will not.

In order to obtain any Export Documents a firm must complete the Export Document Application, provide appropriate information, sign the form, pay all necessary fees, and include return shipping to obtain. Instructions to complete the application are as follows:

  1. Applicant Contact Information and Role: This information will be used as the contact information for any necessary correspondence regarding the application.
    a. Contact Name, telephone, and email are required for correspondence.
    b. Address of the Manufacturer or Company must be how it appears on all other documents for Customs.
    c. Manufacturer Name: Exact name of the product manufacturer whose name appears on the license, registration, permit, or certification issued by the SC Department of Agriculture.
    d. Distributor Name: If exporting under a DBA name please indicate the name as you wish to appear.
    e. Address of the Distributor as appears on product or Customs documents
  2. Issue certificate in the name of: Choose from the listed options. **PLEASE NOTE if it is requested in the Distributors information and the Distributor is not licensed by SCDA, products are considered freely sold products and the request should be sent to SCDA Marketing.**
  3. Product type: Please choose from the listed options. A separate application is required for each product type.
  4. Certificate type: Please choose from the listed options.
  5. Attachments: Please choose from the listed options. If exhibits or attachments please notate if notarization is required.
  6. Products to be shipped: List the product name to reflect the exact name on the product label. **PLEASE NOTE if the application has more than 4 products please submit an electronic product list along with the application. We will only accept electronic copies in word of excel formats.
  7. Separate certificates: If separate certificates are required for each product, please check yes. If separate certificates are required for items listed, please complete individual applications for each country.
  8.  Name of Country: Please list country names where documents will be shipped. If multiple countries are listed, we will process requested documents with all products listed per country
  9. Return Certificate Via: Please indicate shipping method and include return postage or label with the application.
  10. Fee Schedule: All fees are non-refundable. Please submit one check per application. Fees should be calculated as follows:
    a. Original Certificate: $10.00
    b. GMP, Health and Photo Sanitary Certificates: $25 per original copy
    c. Copy of Certificate: $3.00 per page
    d. Notarized attachment: $3.00 per page of attachment
    e. Letterhead attachment only: $1.00 per page
    f. Expedited fee $100.00 per request (emails with ! will be charged expedited fees.)
    g. Certificate of Apostille requires a Secretary of State cover letter and a separate check payable to SC SOS. Serectarty of State Apostilles Documents will be processed then sent via courier to Secretary of State for further processing. Only one return postage envelope is required.

Typical processing time is 6-10 business days. Expedited documents 1-2 business days.
Processing time for Emailed document starts upon receipt of payment. Emails marked with (!) will be charged expedited fees.
For larger document request, please allow a minimum of 14 days processing time

Please sign, print title of signatory, and date application. Email, Mail, or ship the application with product list, shipping label, and all appropriate fees to:

Products Manufactured in SC
Kayte Backman
SCDA Consumer Services
123 Ballard Court
West Columbia, SC 29172

Products Freely Sold in SC
Stephanie Crowe
SCDA Marketing
PO Box 11280
Columbia, SC 29211

If you have any questions please contact Consumer Protection Division at 803-737-9700 for assistance.