Commodity grading and inspections is provided through a cooperative agreement between the US Department of Agriculture and the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.

Grading and Inspection Offices

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Services
Consumer Protection Division
117 Ballard Court
West Columbia, SC 29172
803-737-4588 FX: 803-737-4667

Fruit and Vegetable Grading, Inspection, and Auditing

Matt Burleson, Field Specialist Supervisor
803-351-8898 (C)
803-737-2523 (O)

Fruit and vegetable grading and auditing services are provided under a cooperative agreement with the USDA at shipping point, receiving locations, and terminal markets to specify grade, count, weight, and other factors important in quality determination. Official certificates of grade are issued by inspectors to verify grade factors.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Certification

SCDA provides educational services to farm producers to help them prepare for GAP audits. This provides them with the tools they need to prepare for the on-site audit. SCDA only provides assistance with GAP Certification. There are other certification options available to meet industry requirements.

For consultations, contact:

Keisha Rainey, Agriculture Outreach Specialist

Audit Request Forms

SC-237A – Request for Audit Services
SC-651 – Agreement for Participation in Audit Verification Programs

Audit/User’s Guide

GAP-GHP Checklist
Harmonized GAP Checklist
Harmonized GAPs Plus Checklist
Harmonized GAP Plus Standard
Tomato Open Field Harvest and Packing Checklist
Tomato Packinghouse Checklist
Tomato Food Safety Audit Protocols

Food Safety Plan/Logs

Example Logs
Small Farmer Food Safety Plan

Other Resources

Guidelines for Bleach in Sanitizing Water
Safety Posters
Specialty Crops Inspection Division Vendor Form
Create a SCEIS Vendor Account
GAP Cost Share Application

Peanut, Poultry, and Egg Grading

Bryan Lawson, Field Specialist Supervisor

Peanut, Poultry, and Egg grading services are provided under a cooperative agreement with the USDA for farmers stock peanuts, shell eggs, egg products, poultry, rabbits, school lunch programs, and meals ready to eat (M.R.E.) at buying points and processing facilities throughout the state to specify grade and ensure that products meet grade and quality standards. Products are also inspected and certified at export warehouses for international shipments.

Poultry and Egg Grading and Inspection Service
117 Ballard Court
West Columbia, SC 29172
803-737-4588 FX: 803-737-4829