Terminal Reports

1. What is the difference between the shed report and the terminal report?

Shed Report

2. Terminal reports are:

Fruits Terminal Report

Vegetables Terminal Report

Onions and Potatoes Terminal Report

Nuts Terminal Report

Misc Herbs Terminal Report

Misc. Tropical Fruits & Vegetables Terminal Report

Misc. Asian Vegetables Terminal Report


NIST           NIST maintains the national standard for mass in the form of the prototype kilogram and provides services to support the national measurement system. State legal metrology laboratories are custodians at the State level of measurement standards.  The Office of Weights and Measures promotes uniformity in U.S. weights and measures laws, regulations, and standards.

1. How much does a certain commodity weigh?

Container Net Weights

2. Why do I no longer receive a weekly newsletter in the mail anymore?

SCDA no longer mails the weekly livestock or fruit and vegetable newsletter, but our staff would be happy to add your email to our distribution list. The newsletter is posted online via the Market News Page.