The Agriculture Commission of South Carolina was created in 1978 primarily to oversee the administration of the South Carolina Agricultural Commodities Marketing Act.  The Agriculture Commission is responsible for issuance, amendment, or termination of marketing agreements or orders to produce the intended effects of the Act.  The Agriculture Commission maintains the required records, issues notices, conducts hearings, and ensures that all growers have the opportunity to participate in referendums.

The Chairman of the Agriculture Commission is appointed by and serves coterminous with the Governor. One member is appointed by the legislative delegation from each judicial circuit. Representation on the Agriculture Commission is rotated among the counties of the circuit except by unanimous consent of all members of the legislative delegation representing the circuit.  The Chairman of the House and of the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environmental Affairs Committees and the Commissioner of Agriculture all serve as Ex Officio members.

SC Agricultural Commission Members

1st Judicial Circuit

Michael Perry Shirer
7187 Cameron Road, Cameron, SC 29030
Calhoun County
(H & W) 803-826-6604 (C) 803-664-4322
Appointed: February 4, 2015
Term Exp: 2018


2nd Judicial Circuit

Stevie Still
3385 Friendship Road, Olar, SC 29843
Barnwell County
(C) 803-793-7677
Appointed: January 23, 2020
Term Exp: 2024


3rd Judicial Circuit

Clarendon, Lee, Sumter, Williamsburg Counties


4th Judicial Circuit

Robert B. Robeson
4092 Highway 145 North, PO Box 206, Chesterfield, SC 29709
Chesterfield County
(H) 843-623-6187, (C) 843-921-2935
Appointed: May 7, 2015
Term Exp: 2019


5th Judicial Circuit

J. Thomas Lanham
228 Rosebank Dr., Columbia, SC 29209
Richland County
(C) 803-260-4510
Appointed: September 16, 2013
Term Exp: 2017


6th Judicial Circuit

Douglas A. Barfield
PO Box 126 Kershaw, SC 29067
Lancaster County
(H) 803-475-7695
Appointed: February 14, 1997
Term Exp: 2001


7th Judicial Circuit

Ben M. Gramling, II
PO Box 389 Gramling, SC 29348
Spartanburg County
(W) 864-472-2157 ext. 225, (C) 864-542-5063, (H) 864-472-9725
Appointed: June 30, 2007
Term Exp: 2011


8th Judicial Circuit

Billy Ray Abercrombie
91 Rabon Church Rd., Gray Court, SC 29645
Laurens County
(H) 864-575, (C) 864-871-1152
Appointed: January 13, 2015
Term Exp: 2018


9th Judicial Circuit

Steven Carlysle West
640 St. Thomas Drive, Moncks Corner, SC 29461
Charleston County
(C) 843-261-3533
Appointed: December 2, 2014
Term Exp: 2018


10th Judicial Circuit

John Robert Harris
650 Deer Creek Ln., Fair Play, SC 29643
Oconee County
(H) 864-972-3436, (C) 864-710-4999
Appointed: April 2013
Term Exp: 2017


11th Judicial Circuit

Chalmers R. Carr, III
5 R. W. DuBose & Son Rd. Ridge Spring, SC 29129
Edgefield County
(W) 1-888-848-2672 or 803-685-5381, (C) 803-480-0545
Appointed: May 2, 2001
Term Exp: 2005


12th Judicial Circuit

Michael Gibson
209 E. Devils Dining Rm. Rd. Marion, SC 29571
Marion County
(H) 843-362-1803, (W&C) 843-230-1803
Appointed: March 28, 2008
Term Exp: 2012


13th Judicial Circuit

Franklin M. Looper, Jr.
311 Littlepond Rd. Easley, SC 29640
Pickens County
(H,W, & FAX) 864-859-7206
Appointed: March 13, 1995
Term Exp: 1999


14th Judicial Circuit

Ross “Mac” Sanders, Jr.
(H) 1611 Seaside Rd. St. Helena Island, SC 29920
(W) Seaside Farm, Inc. PO Box 218 St. Helena Island, SC 29920
Beaufort County
(W) 803-838-3636, (C) 843-263-9817
Appointed: March 8, 2004
Term Exp: 2005

15th Judicial Circuit

Benjie Andrew
44 Gasparilla Circle, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
Horry County
(C) 843-246-6896
Appointed: Feb. 8, 2011
Term Exp: 2015


16th Judicial Circuit

Lewis W. Hicks
1555 Filbert Hwy. York, SC 29745
York County
(W) 803-684-9931, (H) 803-222-7852
Appointed: January 30, 1994
Term Exp: 1999


Ex Officio

Frances H. Price, Chair, Agriculture Commission of SC
433 Peach Festival Rd Gilbert, SC 29054
Lexington County
(H) 803-892-2457, (C) 803-260-9691
Appointed: March 10, 2011
Term: Coterminous with Governor


Other Special Guests

Ellen Lloyd, Administrative Assistant
South Carolina Department of Agriculture, P.O. Box 11280 Columbia, SC 29211