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Total: 69 Hay Exchange Ads

'17 COW HAY, CB, 4x5 net wrap, $30ea; perennial peanut hay, 4x5 net wrap, $50ea. Joey Oswald; Allendale; 803-584-5557

'17 CB, rnd, HQ, in field, $40; '16 CB, in shed, $30. Josiah Williams; Bamberg; 843-693-1970

'17 FESCUE, extra lrg 4x5, net wrap, no rain, in barn, $30. Russ Walden; Spartanburg; 864-590-4031

'17 MIXED COASTAL & BAHAIA, 4x5 net wrap, rnd, $30ea; 10 or more, $25. Phil Ardis; Clarendon; 803-460-0915

ALFALFA HAY, HQ, from Wyoming, 3x3x8, 900 lbs, $170ea, cash only. Chris Roux; Cherokee; 864-906-5471

'17 BERMUDA FESCUE MIX, net wrap, 4x5 rnd, clean, good quality, $35ea. Mitch Snead; Greenwood; 864-323-4660

'17 COASTAL, HQ, net wrap 4x5, stored outside, $40ea; shed stored, $50ea, del avail/fee. David Fulmer; Orangeburg; 803-917-0467

'17 CB, net wrap, rnd, $25-50ea. Marion Rish; Lexington; 803-606-3554

CORN, cleaned, 50# bags, $8ea. Cecil Parks; Greenville; 864-963-1454

'17 ALFALFA BERMUDA MIX, 60 lb sq, highly palatable, 66% TDN, 20% protein. forage test avail,. $10ea. Reed Edwards; Laurens; 864-871-2575

LANDSCAPE HAY, $3 sq. Margaret Stewart; Spartanburg; 864-441-2277

'17 FESCUE, 4x5 rnd, net wrap, $25ea, discount on 10 or more. Allen Kellett; Greenville; 864-607-7444

NEW CROP, shelled corn, 50lb, $6; shelled, 55gal drum, $40, drum not incl. Wyatt Eargle; Aiken; 803-604-7535

'17 CB, HQ, rnd 4x5, net wrap, no rain, clean, $50; sq, $4. Vernon Bonner; Sumter; 803-481-4225

CB, w/Bahia, lrg rnd, naturally fert, low sugar/starch, tested, stored under cover, net wrap, $50ea, can load. C. Garner; Richland; 803-422-7368

'17 COW/GOAT/SHEEP HAY, sq, barn kept, $3ea. Benjamin Hopkins; Cherokee; 336-817-2024

'17 CB, good quality, lrg rnd bales, new wrap, $40ea. Tony Bearden; Orangeburg; 803-331-4493

'17 FESCUE/MIX, 4x4, HQ, $25; CQ, $23, both barn stored; $20, stored outside. David Campbell; Greenville; 864-895-1918

FESCUE, 4x5, fert, no rain, in barn, $30ea. Earl Oswald; Lexington; 803-532-6801

'17 FESCUE, lrg sq, lime, fert, HQ, barn stored, $4.75, weed controlled. Tom Coggins; Spartanburg; 864-877-6742

MIXED FESCUE/BERMUDA GRASS, sq, barn stored, $4ea. Jackie Harris; Newberry; 803-924-1776

LRG RND BALES, HQ, fescue-orchard grass, stored under cover, $20. Alex Stone; Greenville; 864-836-0644

TIFTON 44 BERMUDA MIX, sq, fert, no rain, at barn, $4ea. Don Todd, Chester, 803-209-2823

OATS, $40, in your 55gal drum, 40 lb bag, $8; corn, $40, in your 55gal drum, 50 lb bag, $8; all grain non-GMO. Mary Anderson; Richland; 803-446-3326

'17 CB, #1 sq, $6; #2 sq, $5, hvy tight bales; $45/$55 rnd 4x5, all shed stored, net wrap. Heath Hoover; Sumter; 803-499-4572

'17 CB, HQ, net wrap, 4x54, shed kept, $50. Rickey Meetze; Lexington; 803-892-3573

‘17 CB, HQ, $25ea; CQ CB, $10ea; both 4x5 rnd, net wrap. Ricky Williams; Allendale; 803-686-1598

COASTAL, 4x5, net rnd, $40ea, can del. Andrew Rice; Allendale; 803-686-1208

'17 CB, rnd, $40; brown top millet rnd hay, $30; all shed kept. Clayton Leaphart; Lexington; 803-892-2642

'17 CB, 4x5, 750 lb, well fert & lime, no rain, shed kept, $45, del avail/fee. Eddie Chavis; Barnwell; 803-671-3108

'17 CB, HQ, in barn, $55; outside, $50; sq, $6, quantity disc avail. Paul Smith; Sumter; 803-968-1026

OAT HAY, rnd, 4x5, net wrap, $35; grass hay, net wrap, $25; straw, rnd, $20; Charles Nichols; Saluda; 864-445-8350

FEED OATS, $4/bu bulk or 55gal drum/$40; Jason Nichols; Saluda; 864-992-2753

'17 CB, HQ, 4x5 net wrap, no rain, shed kept, $50; del avail/fee. Steven Spires; Lexington; 803-917-3746

FESCUE & FESCUE ORCHARD GRASS MIX, HQ, rnd, 4x5, limed, fert, barn kept, $50, can del. Joe Henson; York; 803-448-5287

VOLUNTEER GRASS, 20 bales,$20ea; 40 bales Fescue/grass, $25ea; 40 bales Oats hay, $40ea; all '17 & 5x5. Harroll Stockman; Newberry; 803-924-7878

FEED CORN, $7/bu, bag; your 55gal drum, $38. Osgood Hamlin; Charleston; 843-696-0658

'17 MIXED GRASS, net wrap, 900 lbs, $20, del avail. George Roberts; Lee; 803-229-2679

HAY, HQ, sq, $4ea; $3.75 if 100 + taken. Albert Wolfe; Spartanburg; 864-472-8621

BERMUDA, HQ, 4x5, $30, outside; last yr, $20, FQ, del avail. Allen Riddle; Orangeburg; 803-682-4070

'17 CB, 4x5 rnd, net wrap, limed & well fert, no rain, stored outside, individually on pallets, $40ea. Eddie West; Aiken; 803-507-8205

'17 CB, 4x4 rnd, $25-35, HQ, no rain, shed kept, outside; lrg quantity disc. Gary Blackmon; Lexington; 803-212-5697

'17 RUSSELL BERMUDA, 50+ bales, 4x5½, fert, wrap, shelter, HQ, $50ea; 20+, $40ea; del neg. Wayne Pruitt; Abbeville; 912-682-4481

'17 FESCUE, net wrap 4x5, stored outside, $35; HQ, stored inside on pallets, $45, can del/fee, vol disc. Otis Hembree; Spartanburg; 864-316-1222

'17 CB, HQ, clean, lrg 5x4, baled in fall, $40ea. James Easterling; Darlington; 843-307-0805

'17 FESCUE, net wrap, 4x5 rnd, outside, $35; barn, $40. Bobby Baker; Lancaster; 803-285-7732

'17 CB, HQ, net wrap, 4x5 rnd, $50ea, free local del w/in 25 mls of Pelion. Terry King; Lexington; 803-381-6177

'17 CB, HQ, sq, limed & fert to Clemson recommendations, clean, tight bales, $6. Henry Glenn; Fairfield; 803-730-4669

'17 CB, HQ, 4x5 net wrap, $35; Coastal Fescue mix,, $25; 4x5 net wrap, del avail, Phil Lucas; Greenwood; 864-377-4337

'17 MIXED GRASS HAY, 4x5, net wrap, $35. Steve Fleming; Edgefield; 864-554-0399

CB, HQ, CQ, lrg, $65up; small sq, $7.50, 100 bale min. Timmy Benton; Colleton; 843-908-3222

'17 FESCUE, HQ, 4x5, limed, fert, no rain, in barn, $40, del avail on 10 or more. George Bryant; Pickens; 864-630-4934

'17 CB, $25 & $40, 4x5 rnd, depending on quality. Christopher Samples; Aiken; 803-645-5195

QUALITY FESCUE MIX, 4x4 rnd, $45, $35 or $25; sq, $5. Arthur Black; York; 803-684-2333

RYE STRAW, 50 rnd, $35. Paul Kicidis; Union; 864-429-6112

‘17 CB, exc HQ, barn stored, 4x5 rnd, $50ea, disc on 17 or more, del avail. Jeff Hawkins; Anderson; 864-934-4957

HAY, rnd, 4x5, barn kept, $50; sq Alf, Coastal, Ozark & Fescue, $5-19. Jami Sacks; Spartanburg; 864-474-2105

'17 MIXED GRASS HAY, tight 4x5 twine wrap, fert & lime, no rain, outside, $35ea. quantity disc. John McClintock; Laurens; 864-684-6970

'17 TIFTON 9, 5x4, shed kept, $35ea. Chad Hancock; Florence; 843-939-1595

'17 MIXED GRASS, 4x5, no rain, $20 & $25ea. F Rowe; Newberry; 803-940-3317

’18 RYE GRASS, fescue, HQ, 4x4 rnd, net wrap, sprayed, fert, limed, $25-30ea, del avail. Donald Counts; Newberry; 803-315-1016

'17 CB, 4x5 rnd, $25ea; '16, $15ea. Don Rickenbaker; Calhoun; 803-655-5660

TIFTON 85, lrg rnd bales, over edge net wrap, $45. Ann Furtick; Orangeburg; 803-707-4826

'17, 4ftx4ft rnd, HQ, fescue & fall grasses, barn kept, no rain, $35ea. Tom Crates; York; 704-906-3546

'17 4X5 TIFT 85, rnd, under barn, forage test avail, 950-1000lbs ea, $37, picked up, we can load, 225 avail. Scott Sell; Barnwell; 912-682-9590

FEED OATS, $6/bag; corn $6/50lb bag; ground corn, $7/50lb bag; corn, 55 gal drum, $40; wheat, $8/50lb bag. Plato Kneece; Aiken; 803-582-8665

'17 FESCUE MIX GRASS, 4x5 rnd, fert, no rain, in barn, $40ea. Billy Gallman; Newberry; 803-276-7171

CY '17 DEER CORN, 53 lbs, yellow shelled corn, $6.75/bag. Barbara Thomas; Lexington; 803-413-6770

FESCUE, 4x4 rnd, $25-40, HQ, inside barn. Bobby Page; Spartanburg; 864-494-2501

Total: 69 Hay Exchange Ads