In response to a reader survey we conducted last summer, The Market Bulletin is making some changes, starting with the next issue. Our new design has been accepted extremely well, so now we are upgrading some of our policies.

You, our readers, told us you want more ads, and you want the process to be easier.

You have asked to renew ads by phone, so now you can, provided there are no changes to the ad. Call 803-734-2536 to request that your ad run again.

Another change—if you list your ad in the wrong category and the ad submission is complete, we will change it for you.

Advertisements are accepted for South Carolina products, even if the seller lives out of state, provided the item is in state at the time the ad runs and at the time of sale. We can’t accept ads from agents in any category, including real estate or equipment.

The Market Bulletin cannot accept ads from commercial dealers, agents, or businesses.

Only one ad per category is allowed, but readers may submit ads in up to four different categories.

We don’t charge for classified ads. Items for sale must include a price.

We do have to limit ads to 150 characters, including name, county, and phone number. While we don’t run your address, we need your name, address, zip code, county, and phone number with area code, for our records.

The Market Bulletin reserves the right to edit ads and notices. Ads are received in good faith, and the SC Department of Agriculture assumes no responsibility for their content.

The Bulletin is published on the first and third Thursdays of each month—not every other week. Our goal is better customer service for our readers, so if you think of some other way we can help you, please let us know.

We are sorry, but we cannot accept subscriptions over the phone.  Our system is not set up for that. However, you can renew or change your address on line.

The Bulletin is still only $10 a year, and you can subscribe online.

To Submit an Ad:

  1. Email: Send ads to  The subject line should specify Ad, and the category.
  2. Online: Go to Select “Submit Market Bulletin Ad” and complete the form. If you include your email address, the computer will send you a reminder for a renewal.
  3. Mail: SC Market Bulletin, PO Box 11280, Columbia, SC 29211. Please use 8.5 x 11 inch paper.
  4. Fax: 803-734-0659Please do not use all capital letters.

The deadline for submitting ads and notices is noon on Tuesday of the week before the publication date.

Specific Category Rules


Ads may not be submitted by commercial dealers.


Notices are accepted for agricultural work only and not for housework, nursing or companionship needs.


Farm land must be offered for sale by the owner, not an agent. Tracts must be at least 5 acres under cultivation, timber or pasture. Out-of-state owners—not real estate agents—may now submit ads for land in South Carolina.


Produce must be raw and non-processedRaw milk, butter and cheese products must be permitted by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control. An egg license is not required for on-farm points of sale.


Ads are not accepted from commercial nurseries, which are defined as having annual sales of $5,000 or more.


The seller must provide a copy of a current negative Coggins test with the ad. Scanned copies are acceptable.


All seed advertisements must be accompanied by a copy of a Seed Lab Test.


Each ad must list specific animals.

Market Bulletin Abbreviations

Download the Abbreviation Key Here