Description: Family Christmas Tree Farm featuring cut your own, pre-cut Christmas Trees, and accessories. We are proud to be veteran owned and offer discounts to military, veterans, retirees, first responders, and educators. We provide a top quality Christmas experience for Sumter, Clarendon, Lee,and Richland counties; including Shaw AFB, McEntire Joint NGB, and Fort Jackson. Tree varieties: Virginia Pine, Leyland Cyprus, Carolina Sapphire. Also, Crafts, eggs, and baked goods.

Address: 2155 Lloyd Drive Sumter, SC 29154

Phone Number(s): 843-364-1637

Open for Business:

Date / Season Times
Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday - Monday 9am - dark


  • Christmas Tree / Choose n' Cut
  • Gift Shop
  • Pick Your Own / U-Pick
  • Christmas Trees

Direct Sales:

  • Local Crafts
  • eggs
  • baked goods