Description: Brett and Jenny currently raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Chickens (Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Black Jersey Giant, Ameraucauna, Easter Egger, Black Copper Maran, Old English Bantams, BB Reds, Golden Seabrights, and Yellow Leg Hatch Game Chickens), Ducks (Pekin and Muscovy), Turkeys (Royal Palm), Guinea Fowl, Courtnix Quail, Lionhead Rabbits, New Zealand Rabbits, and Great Pyrenees.

Address: 6151 Cross Anchor Road Enoree, SC 29335

Phone Number(s): (803) 665-9651


Open for Business:

Date / Season Times
Year round Mon- Fri: 10am - 6pm, Sat: 9am - 6pm, Sun: 11am - 4pm


  • Animal Display / Demonstrations

Direct Sales:

  • Meat / Chicken / Eggs
  • Chickens and chicks
  • Ducks and Ducklings
  • Turkeys (Royal Palm)
  • Coturnix Quail