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Corn Maze Tips & Tricks from Veteran Mazers

By Samantha Day

The cool mornings are a sign that autumn is coming, which can only mean that it’s time to get lost in some corn! If you haven’t had the pleasure of losing your sense of direction in a field of corn, that’s OK. Whether you’re two or 82, almost anyone can take part in the fun because there’s no talent or experience needed. However, there are tips and tricks that veteran mazers abide by, and now we’re going to share them with you:

  1. Appropriate shoes are a must. When getting lost in a corn maze you’re trudging through dirt and it can get pretty dusty in there. Make sure you’re wearing your good walking shoes and you don’t mind if they get a little dirty.
  2. Check the weather. This is all dependent on the time of day you go. If it’s sunny outside and the UV level is high, consider throwing some sunscreen in your bag. Or if you’re headed out just before dusk, bringing a jacket wouldn’t hurt because it might get cool.
  3. ALWAYS grab a map. Even if you want your directional sense to guide you, still grab a map. You never know when you may get … lost. Picking up a physical map is best. Taking a photo of it will suffice, but there is such thing as a phone battery that loves to die at the most inconvenient times.
  4. Use the restroom beforehand. You may be surrounded by a field of corn and think no one is watching, but don’t take that chance. Using the restroom before you go is always your best bet.
  5. Don’t go in empty handed. Some farms don’t allow you to bring in outside snacks or drinks, but more than likely there will be some available for purchase. Be sure you’re prepared in case your directional senses are acting up and you start to get thirsty. If you plan to head out late afternoon or night, bring a flashlight because most corn mazes aren’t well lit. Yes, your phone’s flashlight will suffice, but what about your phone’s battery?
  6. Know before you get lost. We all think, “It’s just a couple stalks of corn, how hard can it be?” But, with that attitude you’re more than likely going to be the first to get lost. So, be sure to pay attention ahead of time so you know the expectations in case (or when) you get lost. Some mazes have flags that you can carry with you, while others may have guides walking throughout.
  7. Stay together. Yeah, splitting up seems fine and dandy until you’re left waiting for the slowpokes to find their way out of the maze — and who knows how long it will take them. It’s your best bet to stay and work together.
  8. Make friends. What’s a better way to talk and meet people than when you’re both stuck in a maze? If you really get lost, ask others for help. Nine times out of 10, they’ll lead you in the right direction!
  9. Landmarks are key. Some mazes have color-coded areas, stationed guides, or particular intersections. Take note of these things in case you get that feeling of déjà vu and can avoid getting lost even more.
  10. Respect the maze. Farmers spend quite a bit of time planning out their intricate and beautiful corn maze designs. It’s important to remember to bring out everything you take in, and don’t cut through the corn. That’s called cheating and it’s frowned upon by many, especially veteran mazers.

Have fun getting lost and try to make the best of it!

Find a South Carolina corn maze near you: Visit our Agritourism Farms page and search “corn maze”.

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