An On-Farm Readiness Review is an educational opportunity intended to walk growers through what an inspection on their farm may look like. This is beneficial before a real inspection is conducted.

The key purposes of an On-Farm Readiness Review is to:

  • Prepare farmers for implementation of the FSMA PSR
  • Provide a conversational approach to help farmers assess their readiness for implementation of the Produce Safety Rule
  • Provide tools to help assess how prepared an individual farm is to implement the rule

Why undertake an On-Farm Readiness Review?

  • It is voluntary and free
  • It will help farmers align what they are doing with what is required in the rule
  • Help farmers determine what they are missing regarding on-farm produce safety
  • It provides a personalized discussion about a farm’s food safety activities
  • Notes taken on the farm remain the property of the farmer
  • It will improve the farmer’s readiness for a PSR inspection

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