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School for Agriculture to Kick Off First Year

School for Agriculture to Kick Off First Year

John De La Howe Will Provide Ag Education

By Hannah Arndt  •  Images courtesy John De La Howe School for Agriculture

This story appears in the July 16, 2020 issue of the South Carolina Market Bulletin.

On August 17, John de la Howe School for Agriculture will officially kick-off the 2020 school year, welcoming students from across the state to the newly renovated campus located in McCormick, South Carolina.

The school will focus on providing hands-on ag education through three pathways students can choose from: Environmental and Natural Resources Management, Horticulture, and Plant and Animal Systems.

“We have hired a diverse group of teachers that are passionate about what they do,” said Principal Gregory Thompson. “I am excited to see what the year holds.”

All general education courses will have an ag focus and provide students with the opportunity to utilize the on-campus farmland, forests, and greenhouse operations.

Beyond the hands-on lessons that students will have the opportunity to participate in, there will also be structured extended learning hours to help students develop soft skills like financial literacy, first aid and gain certifications in specific focus areas.

Improvements have been made to virtually every area of the campus, from the cafeteria to the on-campus cottage housing, adding new technology and a modern look to campus’s landscape. However, original structures have not been altered in order to pay homage to the school’s long history as one of the state’s oldest learning facilities.

Just like many other schools in the state, John de la Howe has been working on plans to face the challenges presented by the coronavirus.

Greg Thompson

“We were on a roll before the coronavirus, with more and more people requesting information about the school and how to apply. Now we are learning how to adapt,” added Thompson. Whether that means splitting school days, social distancing classrooms or learning from home, John de la Howe staff are prepared to help students and teachers stay safe while providing quality education.

Despite possible changes to the regular school day, John de la Howe has seen an uptick in interest in the school. “Ag education ultimately feeds the world and people are starting to be more aware of where their food comes from. Kids are starting to get interested in ag again,” Thompson added.

Timothy Keown

“Our students coming to campus this fall are trailblazers and will make history,” said John de la Howe President, Tim Keown.

“With agriculture being our state’s number one economic power, we are committed to offer a high-quality education to prepare our students to enter the industry.”

John de la Howe is currently accepting and reviewing applications for the 2020-2021 school year. For more information, please visit


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