Each section of the new market is designed to serve a particular purpose and provides the agricultural community of South Carolina with a venue that is second to none. The Retail/Agribusiness section is user-friendly with 10-foot sidewalks, convenient onsite parking adjacent to each building, and a heavily-landscaped, Lowcountry design. This entire section is designed to be pedestrian-friendly so that the entire family will be comfortable visiting the market.

Wholesale vendors occupy their own section of the market, keeping truck traffic separate from pedestrian areas. The major wholesale vendors present at the market include Senn Brothers, Severt & Sons Produce Co., V.B. Hook & Co., L&N Produce, and Ayer & Price Fruit Co.

SCDA property accommodates the agency’s Laboratory facilities, a conference center,¬†and farmers sheds, which are owned and operated by SCDA for the benefit of South Carolina Farmers.