Kathleen Pierce, Human Resources Director

Robbie Hordern, Human Resources Manager

Michelle Haynes, Human Resources Manager


The Human Resources Department manages personnel matters, including benefits administration, state classification plan, payroll, leave accounting, and staff development. Human Resources also ensures that SCDA personnel practices are compliant with state and federal regulations.

SCDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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Veteran Preference Statement

South Carolina is making our Veterans a priority for employment in state agencies and institutions. Applicants will be required to indicate if they are a veteran when completing the State Application for Employment. Applicants identifying as veterans will be required to submit DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, upon request by SCDA Human Resources.

Policies & Procedures

  Policy Name

  Revision Date

  2024 Policy Acknowledgement Form   2/1/2024
  Affirmative Action   2/1/2024
  Annual and Sick Leave   2/1/2024
  Anti-Harrassment   2/1/2024
  Classifications   2/1/2024
  Compensation   2/1/2024
  Disciplinary   2/1/2024
  Disclosure   2/1/2024
  Domestic Violence   2/1/2024
  Dress Code   2/1/2024
  Drug and Alcohol Testing   2/14/2024
  Drug Free Workplace and Substance Abuse   2/1/2024
  Dual Employment   2/1/2024
  Employee Performance Management System (EMPS)   2/1/2024
  Ethics   2/1/2024
  Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)   2/1/2024
  Furlough and Leave Without Pay   2/1/2024
  Grievance   2/1/2024
  Hazard Communication   2/1/2024
  Holidays   2/1/2024
  Information Technology   2/8/2024
  Leave Transfer Pool   2/1/2024
  Mobile Communication Device Usage   2/8/2024
  Nepotism   2/1/2024
  News Media Contacts and FOIA Request   2/1/2024
  Other Leave   2/1/2024
  Outside Employment or Business Activity   2/1/2024
  Overtime and Compensatory   2/1/2024
  Paid Parental Leave   2/1/2024
  Recruitment and Selection   2/1/2024
  Reduction in Force   2/1/2024
  Return-To-Work   2/1/2024
  Social Media   2/1/2024
  Telecommuting   2/1/2024
  Work Hours   2/1/2024
  Workers Compensation   2/1/2024
  Workplace Violence   2/1/2024