Produce Safety Rule Inspections in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture began routine inspections of produce farms to verify compliance with the requirements of the Produce Safety Rule in spring of 2019.

The State’s Department of Agriculture adopted the Produce Safety Rule as the South Carolina Produce Safety Act in 2017. By adopting this law as our own, it allows our Department to regulate farms at the state level as opposed to federal regulation.

Growers can expect that inspections will be announced and scheduled (within an appropriate time frame) with the owner or person in charge.

Inspectors will take all routes necessary to educate our South Carolina farmers during their inspections on potential microbial hazards.

We hope that produce farmers in our state will take advantage of all the assistance our Department is offering to help them get prepared for these upcoming inspections!

FDA Fact Sheet – What to Expect of a Regulatory Inspection (.pdf)


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