Jimmy Williamson, Milk Safety Director

117 Ballard Court
West Columbia, SC 29172

The Milk Safety & Compliance Department regulates all Grade A Dairy facilities in the state that produce, haul, process, package, and distribute milk and milk products.

Permit & Applications

  • Grade A Milk Application for Permit – Apply for a permit for a Bulk Milk Hauler, Bulk Milk Tanker, Dairy Farm (Cow or Goat), Raw (Cow, Goat or Sheep) Dairy Farm, Milk Distribution Station, Milk Pasteurization Firm, or Single-Service Milk Containers and Closures Manufacturing Firm.
  • Application for Permit to Import Milk and/or Milk Products –  Apply for a permit to import Grade A Raw Bulk Milk for Pasteurization, Pasteurized Milk, and/or Milk Products into South Carolina.

Submit a complete and signed application to SCDA by following the instructions at the bottom of the form. Applications with blank fields and/or unsigned are incomplete and cannot be accepted.

Regulatory Information

Sample Inspection Reports


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