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Sandra Craig, Retail Food Safety Director

350 Ballard Court
West Columbia, SC 29172

The Retail Food Safety & Compliance Department inspects approximately 22,000 retail food establishments statewide and issues permits to new facilities prior to opening. Retail food establishments include operations such as restaurants, grocery stores, food trucks, schools, and other institutions. Risk-based inspections are conducted at each establishment in the state annually or quarterly, based on an establishment’s food processes and their compliance history.

SCDA also regulates food safety for milk safety and wholesale manufactured food operations. The agency provides a wide variety of information and resources to help protect the public from potential food safety hazards while eating out.

Permit Forms & Applications

Home-based Food Production Law (Cottage Foods)

Information on the Home-based Food Production Law, commonly known as the “Cottage Law”, is available here. SCDA does not issue permits, licenses, certificates, or registrations of HBFP operators. If you are a HBFP operator and wish to obtain an ID number as allowed by the law, click here for instructions for applying for an ID number.

Regulation, Code, & Inspection Guides

Food Safety Education & Resources

Other State & Federal Food Safety Regulators

Consumer Information