Timothy Jones, Metrology Lab Director

129 Ballard Court
West Columbia, SC 29172

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

The Metrology Lab provides NIST traceable calibrations for mass and volume standards, calibrates equipment for our state inspectors and private scale and pump service companies for the enforcement of weights and measures regulations.

All Calibration services are available by appointment only to any business, industry, or government agency requiring NIST traceability for a fee. Please note the lab will schedule on average several months in advance, and equipment submitted without an appointment may suffer delays in service. To schedule a calibration appointment, please call (803) 253-4052. The Metrology Lab requires the completion of the Calibration Request Form and a copy included with shipment before the equipment will be calibrated. If submitting a volume measure, a Certification of Prover Cleaning must also be completed and included with each shipment. Any equipment submitted without an appointment or proper paperwork will NOT be accepted and returned at customer’s expense.

Please find below the links to Forms and Documents.

Calibrations Available

Mass Echelon II

  • 100 g to 1 mg
  • 1000 lb
  • 100 lb to 0.001 lb
  • 8 oz to 0.03125 oz
Weight Carts

  • 6000 lb to 2500 lb
Volume Gravimetric, I

  • 5 gal
Mass Echelon III

  • 2000 kg to 1 mg
  • 2500 lb to 0.001 lb
  • 8 oz to 0.03125 oz
Wheel Load Weighers

  • 40,000 lb to 20,000 lb
Volume Transfer, II

  • 20 L to 5 L
  • 1500 gal to 1 gal
Volume Transfer, II LPG

  • 100 gal to 25 gal

Cleaning of Equipment

Equipment submitted for calibration should be delivered/shipped to the lab in a ready to test condition as found in NIST Handbook 105-1 (Mass), NIST Handbook 105-3 (Volume), and NIST Handbook 105-8 (Weight Carts). Any equipment submitted that does not meet calibration requirements may be subject to rejection and returned at the customer’s expense.


  • Stainless steel weights should be free of rust, dirt or debris buildup.
  • Cast-iron weights should be cleaned (free of rust, loose paint, dirt, or debris buildup) and lightly painted (if needed) gold color for metric weights and aluminum for pound weights.


  • Small provers should be cleaned with a mild detergent. Make sure all soap residue is thoroughly rinsed away, the sight glass tube is cleaned, and scale plate is readable.
  • Mild steel and large-volume provers should be properly coated with paint.
  • Large volume provers should be well cleaned inside and out with detergent and water. All discharge drain hoses and/or pipes must be cleaned.
  • LP-gas provers must be depressurized and thoroughly flushed with water prior to submission for calibration. Also, all drain hoses and pipes must be clean.

Weight Carts:

  • All fluids, tires, batteries, etc., must be checked prior to submission for calibration.
  • Where necessary weight carts must have a proper coat of paint and well cleaned.

Fee Schedule

Due to the high number of late payments and no payments in the past, calibration certificates will NOT be sent until the customer’s account and/or invoice for services rendered is paid in full. Please note, there may be a $45 no-show fee for appointment cancellations without a 48 hour notification.  The South Carolina Metrology Lab accepts payment by credit card (there is a fee associated with this form of payment) and check.

See our Fee Schedule.

Additional Services Available Upon Request

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