1. What products need to be registered?

Any size product that you are selling in the State of South Carolina needs to be registered.

2. If I have multiple sizes of a product, how do I register them?

Multiple sizes of a product must be registered individually.

3. I have discontinued a product; do I still have to register it?

You must register a product until there is no product left to be sold.

4. I have a new product. When do I need to register it?

Prior to product distribution.

5. When do I need to renew my products?

Product renewals are due by December 31.

6. When is the earliest I can renew my products?

Product renewal emails will be sent out late September to early October. Once you receive this email, you may renew your products.

7. What happens if I do not meet the December 31 deadline?

Starting in 2020, if a company has missed the December 31 deadline, the South Carolina Department of Agriculture will issue a stop order and remove all company products from the shelves.

8. I have another question that wasn’t answered here.

Please contact Bryanna Swails at either bswails@scda.sc.gov or 803-737-9700.


Registration Application – Print

Registration Application – Online