1. What’s a specialty food product?

Specialty foods are value-added food products. Some common examples are barbecue sauce, baked goods, jams and jellies, dairy products, and candy.

2. If I want to make a specialty food product, where do I start?

A Registration Verification Certificate (RVC) must be obtained from SCDA prior to selling food products wholesale. Selling to roadside markets, convenience stores, grocery stores or any other business is considered wholesale. To do so, you must register and use an approved facility. A domestic kitchen is NOT an acceptable facility. A bottled/jarred/canned product will need to be analyzed by a processing authority. Most people use Clemson University’s Food2Market in our state. Depending on the classification of the product, you may also be required to complete an FDA recognized Better Process Control School. Specialized training and product testing may be required for some products. The registration process also includes review of retail labels. Registration certificates are issued upon completion of a compliant food safety inspection by SCDA and the facility is subject to routine inspections. Our Food Processing Establishment Guide can help you get started. For more information, contact RVCregistration@scda.sc.gov.

3. Where can I purchase specialty food products made in South Carolina?

Head over to the South Carolina Specialty Food Association (SCSFA) website to find a retailer near you.

4. Where can I find a list of specialty food products?

Browse the SCSFA Catalog to view our vendors and products, or check out the SCSFA website.

5. How can I join the SC Specialty Food Association?

Apply on the SCSFA website. We would love to have you!

6. What are the benefits of joining the South Carolina Specialty Food Association?

The South Carolina Specialty Food Association (SCSFA) is the only statewide organization dedicated to promoting the best specialty food products available in the Palmetto state.

As specialty food sales continue to climb at the national level, SCSFA is evolving to meet the growing needs of our members. The nonprofit association seeks to further the development and awareness of the South Carolina specialty foods industry through education, networking, peer support/mentoring, and promotions.