1. How do I get on the mailing list for the Agritourism “Fun on the Farm” newsletter listing monthly events on SC Farms?

Sign up for the Monthly events e-newsletter here


2. How do I get a SC Agritourism passport?

Contact Jackie Moore at jmoore@scda.sc.gov and be sure to include your mailing address and the number of passports you would like to receive.


3. How do I know what farms are participating in the SC Agritourism passport program?

See a list of participating farms here


4. How do I join the South Carolina Agritourism Association?

Become a member here


5. How do I get my farm listed as an Agritourism site?

Fill out this form


6. How do I get a Tourist Oriented Directional Sign (TODS) for my farm?

To participate in the TODS program you must be pre-approved by SCDA.


7. How do I get an Agritourism Liability WARNING sign for my farm?

Contact Jackie Moore at jmoore@scda.sc.gov


8. How do I add agritourism to my farm?

Learn more about being an Agritourism farm by reading our manual, Agritourism 101.  You may download a copy or request a hard copy by contacting jmoore@scda.sc.gov