Erin Doll, Beef, Equine & Poultry Marketing Specialist

The South Carolina Beef Council’s mission is to increase the demand for beef and beef products within the state of South Carolina and nationally. The SC Beef Council works toward its goals through support of the national and state joint programs in promotion, consumer information/education, research, industry information, producer communications and market development programs. The Council is funded by producer assessments.

Learn more about the SC Beef Council and the SC Cattlemen’s Association

SC Beef Council Members

District 1

Brandon Hurley
Gray Court, SC
Laurens County
Term Exp: 6-30-2024

John Irwin
Laurens, SC
Laurens County
Term Exp: 12-31-2026

Harold D. Hubb
Clemson, SC
Pickens County
Term Exp: 6-30-2025

Edward B. Evans
Liberty, SC
Anderson County
Term Exp: 6-30-2025


District 2

P. Blake Wisher
Hickory Grove, SC
York County
Term Exp: 6-30-2024

Jack Ferguson
York, SC
York County
Term Exp: 6-30-2026


District 3

Edsel L. Williams
Britton’s Neck, SC
Marion County
Term Exp: 6-30-2024


District 4

Carl B. Setzler, Jr.
Newberry, SC
Newberry County
Term Exp: 6-30-2024

Will Forrest
Saluda, SC
Greenwood County
Term Exp: 6-30-2026

Edward “Eddy” Wills Ellison
Greenwood, SC
Greenwood County
Term Exp: 6-30-2025


District 5

John Fogle – CHAIRMAN
Columbia, SC
Richland County
Term Exp: 6-30-2026

Larry Lasseigne
Sumter, SC
Sumter County
Term Exp: 6-30-2024


District 6

Henry Herndon
Bamberg, SC
Bamberg County
Term Exp: 6-30-2025


Marketing Specialist

Erin Doll
PO Box 11280, Columbia, SC 29211
(W) 803-734-9806


Ex Officio

Frances Price, Chair, Agriculture Commission of SC
Gilbert, SC