SouthCarolinaPorkBoard2018_RGBLaura Lester, Commodities Program Coordinator

The mission of the South Carolina Pork Board is to make pork the meat of choice. The National Pork Act mandates that checkoff dollars be used for Promotions, Consumer Information, Education and Research. Pork “The Other White Meat” is one of the most recognized and powerful slogans in the US with 86% consumer recognition. Additional investments of producer checkoff funds are being made to identify solutions for odor and environmental problems that are economically viable at the farm level. Cooperative efforts with educators, extension personnel, researchers, and allied industry are made to deliver the information needed for efficient production and marketing pork. It is essential for the pork industry to keep producers aware of the many resources that are available for them to continue to be efficient, responsible and profitable.


Learn more about the National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council 

South Carolina Pork Board Members

District 1

Steven Neal Baxley, Jr
1625 Troy Atkinson Rd., Mullins, SC 29571
Marion County
(W) 843-423-5627, (H) 843-431-9896, (C) 843-431-8878, (F) 843-423-7543
Term Exp: 8-31-2017

David O. Haltiwanger
417 Island Ford Rd., Silverstreet, SC 29145
Newberry County
(H) 803-276-8002, (C) 803-940-0107
Term Exp: 8-31-2017

Jimmy Carroll Bailey, Jr.
6400 Jordan Creek Road, Nichols, SC 29581
Marion County
(H) 843-392-4359, (C) 843-902-6258
Term Exp: 8-31-2020

Charles W. Irons
171 Pinedale Court, Prosperity, SC 29127
Newberry County
(C) 803-924-5561
Term Exp: 8-31-2018

Rhett Coleman
1135 Bayridge Dr. Dillon, SC 29536
Dillon County
(H) 843-774-9820, (C) 843-845-7965
Term Exp: 8-31-2018

Frank Strickland
6798 Pig Lane, Nichols, SC 29581
Marion County
(H) 843-423-4277, (W) 843-423-2780, (C) 843-617-8652, (F) 843-423-0701
Term Exp: 8-31-2017


District 2

Mark Anthony McLeod
A&J Farms
3605 Cody Rd. Pinewood, SC 29125
Sumter County
(W&H) 803-452-6603 (C) 803-934-6837
Term Exp: 8-31-2018

696 Lone Star Rd. Cameron, SC 29030
Calhoun County
(H) 803-826-6362, (W) 803-897-2146, (C) 803-664-4115, (F) 803-897-3472
Term Exp: 8-31-2018

Richard Howard Rentz, Jr.
5939 Farrells Rd. Branchville, SC 29432
Orangeburg County
(H) 803-245-5991, (C) 803-793-7642
Term Exp: 8-31-2019

Barrett “Brett” L. Wiggins
1660 Possum Corner Road, Walterboro, SC 29448
Colleton County
(H) 843-893-2435, (C) 843-631-0914
Term Exp: 8-31-2022

1495 Pleasant Grove Road, Alcolu, SC 29001
Clarendon County
(C) 803-460-5254
Term Exp: 8-31-2022

Term Exp: 8-31-2020



Laura Lester, Marketing Specialist
SC Department of Agriculture, PO Box 11280, Columbia, SC 29211
(W) 803-734-1767, (F) 803-734-9808


Ex Officio

Frances H. Price, Chair, Agriculture Commission of SC
433 Peach Festival Road, Gilbert, SC 29054
(W) 803-892-2457, (C) 803-260-9691


Other Special Guests

Dr. Boyd Parr