Marianne Catalano, Peanut Promotion Marketing Specialist

The South Carolina Peanut Board is a farmer-led organization whose mission is to increase consumer awareness and consumption of peanuts while creating a positive economic impact for producers.

The South Carolina Peanut Board offers several services. The Board has educational packages (teacher kits) and educational videos for teachers. Also, posters and small packages of peanuts are available. Several different types of recipes are available along with other consumer information.

Funding for Board activities comes solely from producer assessments. The Board of Directors is made up of peanut producers elected by peanut producers from South Carolina.

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South Carolina Peanut Board Members

District 1

Dupree Atkinson
1118 Willow Brook Place, Mullins, SC 29574
Marion County
(H) 843-464-8637, (C) 843-430-1677
Term Exp: 12-31-2023

Brent Cogdill
1500 HT Everett Road, Pinewood, SC 29125
Sumter County
(C) 803-518-2121
Term Exp: 12-31-2021

Shane Willoughby
7990 Highway 917, Nichols, SC 29581
Marion County
(C) 843-333-8613
Term Exp: 12-31-2022

Steven Neal Baxley, Jr.
1625 Troy Atkinson Rd, Mullins, SC 29574
Marion County
(H) 843-431-9896, (C) 843-431-8878
Term Exp: 12-31-2021


District 2

Brent Crapse – VICE CHAIRMAN
(H) 7421 Savannah Hwy, Estill, SC 29918
(W) 7420 Savannah Hwy, Estill, SC 29918
Hampton County
(H) 803-943-8868, (F) 803-625-1047
Term Exp: 12-31-2022

James “Jimmy” W. Mole
Mole Farms
1939 McMillian Rd. Brunson, SC 29911
Hampton County
(H & F) 803-632-2436, (C) 803-571-0140
Term Exp: 12-31-2021

Richard Howard Rentz, Jr. – CHAIRMAN
5939 Farrells Rd. Branchville, SC 29432
Bamberg County
(H) 803-245-5991, (C) 803-793-7642
Term Exp: 12-31-2023

Harry F. Wimberly
2782 Cattle Creek Road, Branchville, SC 29432
Orangeburg County
(H) 803-829-2669, (W) 803-829-2561, (C) 803-600-6492, (F) 803-829-3392
Term Exp: 12-31-2022



Dr. Dan Anco, Peanut Specialist and Assistant Professor, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Clemson University – Edisto Research and Education Center
Edisto REC, 64 Research Road, Blackville, SC 29817
(W) 803-284-3343 Ext. 261, (C) 630-207-4926

Marianne Catalano, Marketing Specialist
SC Department of Agriculture, PO Box 11280, Columbia, SC 29211-1280
(W) 803-734-0338, (C) 252-458-7222, (F) 803-734-9808


Ex Officio

Frances H. Price, Chair, Agriculture Commission of SC
433 Peach Festival Road, Gilbert, SC 29054
(W) 803-892-2457